CoolPHat Presents:Art pack 1
Member List 16/05/2oo2 :
CoaXCable, Muhmi, Factory, Avalanche, Goad, Nyarlothotep, DNA-Groove, Flare
Chief, Reflog, Spots, J.Peeba, Lucido, Zubtro, Tabm0de, devil,, Matja, Jabber
Krayz guest
Release info / Help / Thanks:
we woud like to thank a few good friends of ours: asphyxlgf, Alienpdx
sjhBV, Jester Ex CPH, Krayz Ex CPH, TargonCRO, CritikillSCN and to
those whom helpped us and support us always!
CoolPHats info news :
CoolPHat is a demo-art group. We deal with coding intros/demos/music disks, ::
. installers/games/ascii/ansi and others !
Contacts / Requests / Ideas :
! !--------:
Join: CPH on efnet only NFO by CoaXCable/CoolPHat 2002 c