What the fuck, not another ANSi group...
BiTE-Me - PiCoRE
First of all, I realise this file isnt that visually gorgeous...Cope.:
Welcome to the first pack, pre-pack rather, from C o R E. As much as Id
like to give you a all a bunch of attitude, Ill try to be gental. This
is for The Dixie Flatline: We did not make the JJPA pack. I might not
be entirely in favour or you and your policies, but I wouldnt go to the
extent that they whomever they are did. Anyways... If you where hopen
to see a big 500k pack from us, dream on. This pack is very basic, its
made up of about a few ANSis, the viewer and our App Generator. Were
hoping to get some attension and build a member list b4 we brag about how
good we are :. Any and all feedback would be appreciated and can be sent
to us via the CoRE Client Support BBS, you simply load it from k w a
matrix. 403-929-5275.
About applications, we are hoping to get alot of them, check out the app
generator in the ExE portion of this pack.
In the future you can expect a lot more. Were hoping to able to include
a dozen ANSis and half dozen Utils. *Make* sure if you want any ANSis
or Utils written to call k w a and load the Core BBS. From there you
and either run the On-Line request program or just leave us a Comment.