Hello to entire scene by Neurotrance
Hello to entire scene by Neurotrance
HI all!
okay, lazy comic
rip, but who cares ?
arent basic idea of
being artist to make
people happy? i hope
at somebody will even
smile when he see
this lousy ansi. you
can rip this so much
as you want. no matter
for me, i hope at it
will help you to
design your own unique
style... i hope at i
find it too someday.
-ntr! if somebody have been
in ascii - scene, he
perhaps have noticed
at in ascii - scene
everybody looks like
respect each other.
i will honestly hope
at in ansi-scene every-
one would respect other
hard working artists, and at no-one wont get
mad if someone would rip your ansi. everyone of
us have to practise so
damn hard, and best way
to practise is take a
-ntr! look of some really
great artists master-
signed ntr / charm
RESPECTS will gonna fly to the :
everyone in ex-blend, acid, shade, fire phat and every goddamn artist
who really use hes time to make better and better pictures.
special respects goes to venturus, astute, horizon, tankgirl, ville,
and riddler. keep up good work!