info 01 by caption staff
info 01 by caption staff
One funky group.
- taintedx, zen.
news bulletin rash
hi, welcome to the 5 o clock news, im Dru Ansee. And im art seen
It has appeared to us that there will be a new toon group approaching
the scene. Fact or Fiction? Rumors have stated that the two men under
all this chaos go by the names of RASH and THECHEF, AKA the blocky
bastard, and MP3 MORON. Kapheine, who is Rashs slut, has already been
arrested today by the Police, for singing the Caption anthem, while
stripping himself down on the top of the Cn tower. The Police tried
to question him, but had no luck in doing so.. Earlier today, Rash
Thechef were caught in the downtown public washroom conversing about
the group. Luckily, our secret agent man, alias, agent 31 has secr
etly taped the two artists discussing...
RASH: hey chef, where do babies come from?
THECHEF: beats me!
RASH: Ack, go to hell.
As you can hear, the two men seem to be really enthusiastic and hyped
about this whole group thing.
words from the kitchen chef
ahoy fatty bizzatches of the scene, chef here, tossing my two cents into this
pot of chaos. caption... just a name, for the sake of having a group name.
there isnt a double meaning behind the name, like glue and sticking
together, nor does caption stand for anything like i.c.e or anything remotely
fancy like that. we are who we are, a handfull of slightly talented, partially
skilled, and completely psyched monkies doing what we enjoy doing: doodling
incase you havnt noticed, this is our premier pack. if things go well, well
be back. if not? well worry about it when the time comes : we hope you
enjoy this pack. feedback is always welcomed. thankyou.
new members
premier pack, were all new to the group.
guests this month
big thanks goes out to taintedx and fobeeuh for their guest appearances.
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