A day with zII
october 18:
Something is growing out of my elbow. I think
its a hair dryer. If this continues I might
be able to make a living this way.
I have grown a new organism unknown to man in
my navel. I feed it hamburgers and strychnine.
On my daily jogging trip I once again got the
sensation somebodys watching me. Theres a
horse parked outside my apartment all the time,
and a man sitting on it with a camera. I cant
tell who it is he wears dark sunglasses.
My plans to blow up the american embassy once
again failed: my bicycle ran a flat. And I just
cant carry the RPG that far.
Im out of strychnine.
Two attractive women asked me what time it was
as I was walking to the store today. I offered
to sever their heads from their bodies instead,
pulling my broadsword, since they wouldnt need
time if their heads were severed. for some
reason they didnt appreciate my offer. They
were very rude and even sprayed something in my
eyes. I killed them both.
Killing turned out to be fun! Ive killed six
people since I slain the two girls. I have my
doubts about the last person a 6-year-old girl
however, since the man on the horse saw me and
immediately reached for a cellphone. Hes
talking very rapidly. I hear sirens approaching.
I dont understand. They told me to drop my sword,
and I said it might get dirty so I didnt wanna
drop it. And after arguing a little while I walked
towards them so I could give them the sword, and
they shoot me in the face! It really hurt. I just
had to kill them aswell.
Bedtime. I found a comic under my bed I havent
read in a long time. Goodnight!
I represent the dark and evil side of Buttraiderz! Now, you might not consider
a group with the name Buttraiderz dark or evil, but we are! Weve made many
ritual sacrifices, including but not limited to talking to Lord Jazzs mother
over the phone or well, standing *really* close to someone who did, and all
sorts of ill shit! What our next sacrifice will be, is yet unknown. But make
sure to lock your doors before you go to bed... You never know what might
happen during the darker hours of the night! As for ANSi, were by far the most
active group around. And lets face it, its not like we have much competition.
Thus, we declare war on the entire ANSi scene! If all groups, combinded,
release more packs by packs, I mean more than 5 ansis than us in a month, you
win! That wont happen, but Id sure like to see you try!
Oh, and by the way, cause Sobriquet is so damn good, weve decided to make him
the leader!
- Somberlain
YEAH MAN! this is Zeus 2000 taking you to the next millenium!! 3000, that is..I just want to state that we totally dominate, and all you other guys out there
can just takeover our channel and fuck us up the ass and see if we care!
and steal our women!
and scow is sexy!
Rumor has it that jason is going to start drawing ansis. hell be doing a
600 liner for the next pack. lOOK OUT!
and scow owns my ass!
Rumor also has it that all the ansis in the pack are hallucigenic! dont look
too long and we know how hard it is not to or you might go insane!
and scow has huge tits!
The last and final rumor is that were going to merge with a secret group.
I wont tell you what its called, but there is a guy called RaDMan involved.
and scow takes only 5 for a blowjob!
we are also available at
or just