This is the start of a new era.
Its time for the artists to express themselves..
This is the buttraiderz! If you want to draw
ansi with us, just ask, and well let you in. Unless
you are...
a heterosexual
b a gif2ans user
c flossing as you read this
Well be releasing fresh stuff a couple times per month
for your enjoyment. And we have absolutely no political
profile whatsoever! Therefore the packs are available
for both republicans and democrats! Isnt life swell?
And now, the b007raiduz FAQ:
Q:Why do we call ourselves buttraiderz?
A:Why not? I mean, nobodys around anymore so we can pretty
much do what we like, eh? besides, its a really cute name.
and its ERREET too!@@
Q:Whats ereet?
A:Dont know. Were still working on that one.
Q:Sounds fantastic! How do I join... and why?
A:join buttraiderz and say something sexy.
Its a plus if you actually draw ansi!
And why? WHY? EVERYONE wants to be a buttraider.
Q: : uNF?@
A: Yes, we have a very positive view on uNFing. Its an
important corner stone of any art group.
Even though its popularity has decreased over the years.
Thats about all the info Im going to write for this pack.
And for all you millions out there viewing: I hope you like it!
//Sn4k3 pLISSKEN
Zeus911 scow: wanna write something for the info file? :
sCOW zeus - sure, send it over
/ s o m e t h i n g
sCOW isnt that funny?
PS. I would like to express how much somberlain sucks
for not contributing his ansis. COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!