brotherhood II nfo file by player pimp staff
brotherhood II nfo file by player pimp staff
brotherhood II news
its been two months since the
first pack, a few new things has
happend in the hood...
n e w s - from spirit of rage
Brotherhood have set up a brane new and fresh homepage.
Its currently under construction. We need some1 to donate
some webspace for us, since the site is pretty big we need
maybe like 20 meg. Right now it fetures: Hood news the
latest news about us, its updated as soon as something new
happens, Members info and pictures, art gallery from both
members, group info and our latest packs. If we get more
webspace I was thinking of putting up a bigger gallery of
my own, a gallery with the best ansis from each pack and a
gallery for our very own compo competition called hompo.
What tha hell is hompo u say? Well Ive put out a seperate
nfo file in this zip called hompo.nfo, check it out!!
Oh yea.. our homepage is located at http:/
I havent had much time to draw this last few months since
Ive been quite busy with school and I just got my drivers
licence so Im constantly driving around for no reason at
all But Ive done my best and Im quite satisfied. So
enjoy the pack and check out what my pimp jason has to say!
Yah all know im not much of a greeter in my ansis... and
Im not going to be in our nfo either So Im just gonna
say: Respect to all my friends out there! You know who you
are, if you dont its probably why Im not greeting you in
the channels or Im surfing pron.. but thats another
story .. and now over to jason...
Big ups to random order as usuall to those who helped us
make this pack come true:
kingpin octopus, mr. wrong, big yellow man, dissonance and
lord drakul.
n e w s - from Tung lo
Welp, once again I prove lazy and didnt really do anything.
I am starting a new project so next pack I will have an
abundance of art. I already started working on the project.
I thought I would of had alot of time to draw during the
christmas break, but I was really busy. You know being home
visiting friends, partying, clubbin the works. Well thats
all I can say for now anyways.
Greets to the people who help out the scene even if it is
just a little. Shouts go out to Pyro and the team.
reachus on the world wide web
b r o t h e r h o o d n i n e t e e n - n i n t y n i n e
nfo layout by tung lo and spirit of rage updated december 31st, 1998