Brotherhood nfo file #1 by player pimp staff
Brotherhood nfo file #1 by player pimp staff
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b r o t h e r h o o d . . .
p a ck n um b e r on e .. .
Johan aka Spirit of rage speaking...
Warning! This message is very long and probably very boring to
read, but its meant to explain why Brotherhood was created
in the first place, thanks for your time.
Welcome to brotherhoods first pack. We can be referred to
as just hood as well. Im going to tell you a little about why
our group was created and why me and Jason Tung lo decided
to even start this project in the first place.
First off, after Zenith had died me and Jason found ourselves
groupless and were invited to almost every group a few times
a day. So we discussed, which group would be best to join for
both of us. Since were so good of friends we wanted to be in the
same group together. If I wanted to join a group again I wanted
to join Avenge, and if Jason wanted to join a group again he
wanted to join Ice. Since I dont have any friends in Ice, and
we couldnt decide if we both wanted to join Avenge nor any
other group we made a second option for ourselves. Starting a
a solo project of our own. And after alot of talking and shit
we decided to do so.
Brotherhoods base idea for even making it was friendship,
mostly between me and Jason. Our philosophy is that we want to
have fun doing this. And we couldnt think of a better way to
have fun then with your best friend in the scene. I think
the best groups are made with friends, and those are the
most stabil ones. Thats one of the reasons why Zenith died,
cause the new members couldnt get along with the old ones.
We really dont feel like we want new members, cause if we want
a member in its only because hes a good friend of me and
Jason. But if you do want to apply feel free to try. Maybe well
make friends? So anyway, were gonna release bi-monthly. With
something like a minimum of 10 ansis per pack. Were not here
to take over the scene of anything like that. We just want to
have fun drawing and being in the scene. I think that whats
the most important thing, to have fun. Me and Jason have had
lots of fun just talking in our new channel hood. The
channel is created for everybody to join if they wanna have
a nice chat or so. Since me and Jason most of the time are
active on IRC youll have lots of fun being there. hood base
idea is for friends to hang together in a channel and have fun
more then just being a hang channel for all ansi doddle boys.
Well, I hope that covered most questions more or less. Im sure
theres more to it. But im not so good with words. If you have any
questions or anything just mail me at Please
dont send any request to that mail adress. I got plenty, when I
need more Ill let you know!
Umm.. oh yea.. this pack has alot of joints which means most of
them already have been released which kinda sucks. But Ill try
to make less joints next time And now over to Jason...
ps. oh yea.. did I say we wanna have fun doing this? ds.
Jason aka Tung lo rabbling...
My personal opinion differs somewhat from Johans. I consider
brotherhood only a label he considers brotherhood a group so
where should we go? Well from what I can think of I just think
us two would be enough. Since we are both good artists and like
other things besides IRC. That way we dont have to devote our
lives to IRC. With that said, I want to say that I am glad me
are continuing to work together, because, as he said we are
like best friends on IRC which is true. Who knows maybe we
would be best friends in reality, since we are both attuned too
liking the same things, CHICKS!@ I mean sure almost every guy
out there likes them, but we talk about them all the time.
Truthfully, I would never join another group as long as Johan
sticks around. Its a fact because I seem to have this phobia of
groups now, because when I came back to the scene in april of
98 I joined a group too quickly. With my last word I want to
say SOR OWNS!@
ps. I dont really want to greet anyone in particular since I
dont want to be bugged about not greeting you. So if I
know you, consider yourself greeted.
* Special thanks to all who helped us making this pack possible:
sephiroth, palidor, taintedx, big yellow man, zeusII, bizzarro
and phonyeye random order so dont get any ideas. Big respect to yah all from hood!!
Everybody want me to greet them in mah ansis.. wanna get greeted?
draw for us ... yea well since were not really a big group
everybody is most welcome to make a contribution to our humble
little group!
- friendship within a group like
youve never seen before!
- NFO graphic design by spirit of rage -