break 2021 by jack phlash
break 2021 by jack phlash
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Break was formed in 2013 after the ASCII scene, which had been a lot more
active than the ANSI scene for years, had finally started drying up. Id
recently been inspired to start drawing both ANSI and ASCII again, thanks
in large part to the onslaught of Blocktronics, and decided that if there
werent any ASCII groups to release under, Id simply start my own, even if
it meant having to put out a few lame solo packs until things picked up.
After settling on a name and finishing a few new pieces, I mentioned my
plans to Enzo only to be told that 27 ANSI font gods Spear and Knocturnal
were starting a new ASCII group themselves, and that I should consider
contacting them to merge efforts. I did, and while it turned out more as me
joining *their* group than any kind of a joint effort, I was happy.
In the beginning Break was unique in that a lot of the artists contributing
to our packs were in fact ANSI artists trying their hands at block ASCII or
even newschool ASCII. We were also joined by ASCII scene alums Haliphax and
my man H7 to round out the pack. We continued to have some great textmode
artists of all kinds join or at least guest, keeping our packs an eclectic
mix of styles.
Unfortunately it didnt take long to feel inspiration running dry. Our packs
were smaller and less frequent than wed prefer, and soon 34 and K1 stopped
contributing as much, eventually handing the reigns over to H7. Along the
way Impure reemerged and started putting out packs again which both helped
to inspired us and probably ate into our memberlist a little. Having been a
member of Impure myself, I started contributing to both groups which didnt
help with my limited contributions to Break. Now, 8 years or so later, it
seems as this may be the final Break!Ascii pack.
Greetz and a heartfelt thanks to all of the contributors who helped make 12
damn exceptional ASCII packs. Im sure most of us have no plans to stop
drawing, so keep those eyes peeled!
Jack Phlash