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BREAK 01! ** BREAKing NEWS! / Sept. 2013
Welcome to Break ascii pack 01! Break was started by Spear and I because
of a lack of an active ascii group in the artscene. As of this writing,
there has been a resurgence in activity in said textmode artscene. Thanks
mostly to things like Facebook which has recently brought together many old
sceners. Groups like Blocktronics exist for those of us who wanted to start
drawing ansi again, but there is currently no active ascii group in our scene.
While oldschool/amiga ascii has thrived somewhat in the demoscene, there was
no real place in the artscene for it.
Many of us in Break also draw ansi in Blocktronics. However I and others
thought it made sense for many reasons to have a seperate group for releasing
ascii. Now we can only hope to do for the ascii scene what B7 has done for
Break could also be thought of as SARS 2. When the great ansi group 27 inch
was having its day, we created SARS ascii as a place for 27 members and other
ascii artists interested a place to release ascii. Blocktronics, 27, SARS and
Break have consisted mostly of the same members, but we are really open to
anyone willing to release. So whatever you draw, Newschool/PC, OS/Amiga or
Block ascii, come join us. We hope you enjoy our first pack.. See ya @ 2!
- k1
Welcome all! k1 said it as good as it can be said. Everyone may ask Why
dont you just release in B7? Id say the answer is pretty simple, its an
ANSi group. Sometimes a 12 line amiga font and a 2,000 line pic just dont fit
next to each other. Plus it gives the community more to look at and more to
consider as options. We have a great starting bunch for this group and I look
forward to many releases! I hope that we can entice even one person to give it
a shot if they never have, or a person to come back after a long break because
they just miss seeing an ASCii pack. With that, posse out! - 34
Break!Ascii 01 is:
Aesthetic 43
Ansichrist ns
Binary Walker bw
Cleaner cl
Delicious del
Enzo zO
H7 h7
Haliphax hx
Iks iks
Jack Phlash jp
Knocturnal k1
Noches no
Spear 34
The Creep Fever tcf
sorry, we were too lazy to draw a memberlist
besides, its 2013 and everyone just throws it in the NFO
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