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best of compliation pack.
Taken from Massive 2, written by Pariah on July, 27th 1998
And to the big news of the month, Mimic released. For those of you that
didnt hear before the release Mimic is a group run by Black Jack, Konami, and Serial Toon. Its always good when a new group comes along and hopefully Mimic
will spark some competition between groups.
If you ask me all these new groups are a result of the fallout from
Odelays death, which happens whenever a long standing group dies. In the next
few months well see which groups can keep it up and which groups give into the
pressure of merging or killing the group. Starting a group and keeping it alive
is probably one of the hardest things to do in the scene.
When Serial Toon and I first thought of the idea to create a group
back in late May of 1998, we essentially only had a few things in mind. At
this point in the scene we were both members of Remorse. I, myself had been in
Remorse for over a year, and s2n a little more than half of that. Odelays
death had been almost a wake up call to me, as I remember when the group died
I felt extremely dissapointed that I hadnt submitted any sort of guest/tribute
ascii for the last pack.
Odelay was the first all-ascii group I joined when I came into the scene around mid-96. Its death was due to the large pressure put on Konami,
who was left with by Prodigy to deal with the group on his own. Well in a
nutshell, people tried their best to support the group, and for awhile it did actually work. Odelay released quite a few packs after Prodigy left, but
to Konami it just didnt seem to be working the way it shouldve.
The death of Odelay made me realize that all this inactivity from
from me I hadnt drawn for around 4 months at the time wasnt exactly helping
anything so I thought maybe it would be best if I either got my shit together
or got out. So with Serial Toon, we started thinking up the idea for Mimic.
We wanted a group that would release every month on time and on the same day,
and we also wanted to keep standard a high quality of art and group participation. Although Konami was always there for me to talk to, Serial Toon
carried the group with me for a long period of time after Mimics first pack.
I dont think people realize just how much Serial Toon did for the group but
until we made meatpod a senior staff member it was just him and I.
meatpod, Konami, Serial Toon, El Nino and Aeternam have
helped tremendously with keeping the group intact. Despite the fact that Konami did quit a few times, him and I are friends who keep in close contact
over the phone on a daily basis, weither he was in Mimic or not at the time.
Konami also brought his unique and amazing talent to the group. Without him
I doubt our quality standard couldve been half of what it was/is. Even to
this day, using the pseudoynm of Dr. Shizuma, a big reason for the success
of Mimic is due to the fact that he lives not too far from me. If we do have
a problem, we can easily discuss it without flakey internet communication.
As I mentioned earlier, Serial Toon was the essential founding member
that made it all happen. His people skills may have gotten us into trouble
once or twice, but overall he did much for the group both in terms of art
production and in making the groups appreciated sense of family.
meatpod was probably one of the best things that ever happened to Mimic.In my opinion, the period of time that meatpod was active and participating
with us was Mimics most exciting. He brought a lot of great ideas to the
group, most of which we try to keep active to this day. meatpod brought with
him the idea for Mimeograph, various ideas for the webpage, a mailinglist,
the member profile, and of course his great ascii talent. With the help
of him and Konami, Mimic quickly became very large and popular in the ascii
El Nino was the most stable old school senior Mimic has ever had.
Before him we went through quite a few people who just couldnt handle the job.
But fortunately this man has stuck with us through thick and thin, bringing
with him great amiga-style members not to mention his own oldschool talent.
..and how could we forget Aeternam? He joined late during the period
in which meatpod was in Mimic but his contributions to the group are ones
that mark extreme loyalty. Aeternam always has an idea for us, hes great
with talking to our European members and has not once left the group since he
was banned from ascii the first day he joined for reasons unknown. I basically invited him to hang out in mimic, and from that he quickly became
not only a member, but a very important senior staff. Since then Aeternam
has become a good friend of mine, and we talk on the phone quite often.
To me Mimic isnt just an ascii group that I draw for every month in
my spare time. To us, ascii is obviously an important aspect to it all but
more importantly is the great sense of comfort the members have being with
the group. Mimics chatroom, mimic@efnet is one of the most important
reasons for Mimics success. At times the channel has as many users as ascii
does, but without the extreme inactivity. To my knowledge, pretty much all
the Mimic members get along in a friendly manner. Ive held countless
entertaining conversations in our channel with the members, and it really
adds a lot to the group. This, in combination with all the efforts by the group seniors has created my reason for drawing ascii. I dont measure Mimics
success in pack numbers or ascii art, but how much the group means to me.
So here we have it, our first best of pack. I must add that this
pack was compiled by Dr. Shizuma Konami and myself in the total time period
of a little less than 3 hours. Its unfortunately only newschool selections,
but hopefully everyone can get a little something out of this.
As Mimic lives on into the year 2001, lets hope we can maintain
everything weve accomplished. The artists is what were really celebrating
here, as theyre the real heart and soul of the group. They make it all happen and I cant thank them all enough. I love you all!
- Black Jack / Mimic Productions