book 21 information file by avenger.potzkoten
book 21 information file by avenger.potzkoten
b l a c k
m a i d e n -
bmbook 21
welcome, dear survivers.
black maiden is not dead, nor we are really alive. so call
us undead. we decided to release another book, because textmode
art belongs to textmode and not to hirez-polished-webfuck.
well, what happened?
spear joined up and is probably our most active artist at this
time - welcome onboard!
not too much important happened else, evoke99 was nice and we
met the crazy europe-visitors god among lice and cthulu,
heyho you two! poti, pandur, kyp, lord chaos, dv8, black
weasel, junk, gomorrha and me represented bm there.
poti - the running partygag : -organized it very
well and so everything went fine. we had an ansicompo
which pandur won and dv8, kyp, cthulu and me came
3rd. these ansis are also included in the pack.
dont miss evoke 2000!
other news:
poldi changed his handle to potzkoten.
shine stopped drawing ansi and focuses on vga now :
visit and order all
syntax terror records you can get :
this pack may be a little disappointing for you, we
werent able to keep up the quality and quantity of
former books. but in these times every release -
even if it is of bad quality - can only help.
i guess there will be another book in half a year,
dont rely on it, but dont call us dead either.
enjoy the pack!
avenger *
b l a c k m a i d e n m e m b e r s
avenger potzkoten
deviate poti
gomorrha seltorn
junk shine
kyp shiva
leo smoke
lord chaos tex
mother + spear + toot
osel voice
pandur zippy
seltorn/osel: are you still alive?
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