asci cluster by phane
asci cluster by phane
heres some asciis by phane of bamboosh.
i think those old asciis by me are much more ugly than these.
/ contains: bamboosh, hahaa, ugp, duel, confs /
BAMBOOSH by phane/
// // //phn!
HAHAA by phane/
t h e u n d e r g r o u n d p u b !
UGP-logo by phane/
onks nikat ? : phn!
DUEL by phane/
/ ,/ / / / phn! /
1 4 7
2 5 8
/ 3 6 9
CONFS by phane/
greetings go to:
duel, hash, distant thunder, befeater, socrates, phazer,
strode, the l, pyx, darklord, intellius, phobia, entropy,
genius, harvester, rapacious
if you have something to say me or if you want to
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