Happy New Year Penguin! by Pyx
Happy New Year Penguin! by Pyx
A Pyx 1997 ansi presented to you in all the lovely colors of ansi
Happy New Year !!
Woha! This has been my longest ansi EVER, so I feel quite satisfied ...
No we are in the year 1997 AD, some things will change,
and some things will be as they were. One thing that I can say, is
that my love for this group will continue on for a long, LONG time.
It has become a team of artists working hard and building friendship,
so my dream has come true, this is the group we have built up from
nothing, to become a group we can be really proud of. Thank you to
everyone that have made that possible. I would like to greet my
friends now :- You know who you are! Thanks, and have a really
great year! With love, pyx.