Endo who? by Endotoxin
Endo who? by Endotoxin
Well here i am, ENDO7OXIN w/ my first official pack releases.
Im just hereto say, that YES, the backrounds i used are genericfilters, but
you see i am already 1 day late on the deadline and didnt have any time to make up some good ones, So dont bother commenting on it alright! Maybe ill have some
complete worx done bynext month. BTW both GIF n JPG format arereally
unforgiving to their hard working artists.
There was some confusion on a little symboland a lit i worked on, all i have
to say isNO, GODDAMIT... I DONT-WORSHIP-SATAN! Im too intelegent to believe
in such idiosity as an angelicbeing! If that offends you, Fuck You, go rape thealter boy you closeminded ignorant fundamentalist bastard! Genesis was written
by some old insane homosexual! And Joseph and Mary were just toashamed to
admit it! And Adam is alive and well at thePrimate exhibit at the local zoo.
My personal view of the group from what i have seen, is that there is alot of
talent, and relatively good skill... As far as mr.sandmans work.. i think he
uses one of those gif2ansithings ... whoops prolly starteda rumor.
Im sorry but you guys have that whole proportion thing down too well for me.
But i think we can all go somewhere and hopefully put out better and better
art packsas the year progresses.. If youveread this far thank you for
preventing me from wasting all my time...
I hope you enjoy the blur pax, and the crazy shit that comes with it.
If youlike my work,or are amused by my views, than give me aline,
if not FUCK OFF i dont wanna hear your bitchin!
E7 96 bLur
6123375: MS.CS.OK.BH.S5.AT
just too elite!
E7 Not bad for 30 minutes, alright enough excuses... Ill stick with VGA.