Uncle Sam by Kitiara & Misfit
Uncle Sam by Kitiara & Misfit
Its a strange and frightening thing - to see yourself at your worst.
- Sam
This piece was originally drawn by Kitiara based on the Uncle Sam graphic
novel by Alex Ross. It was released with iCE in April, 2000. The version that
came out always seemed to me to be fairly unfinished.
It was one of the last ANSIs she ever released, so its possible that she just
turned it in as-is for someone else to wrap up and no one ever did. You can
see the original below.
I took the GREED lettering and made an iCE logo instead. Im not sure why.
Maybe the worlds just a very different place in 2022 and I didnt want to
misrepresent what she was trying to say two decades ago. Ill let the image
and the original graphic novel speak for itself.
The source material is amazing and I always thought that this ANSI deserved a
better fate. Hopefully this does the trick. - Misfit iCEblocktronics