ya prevratilsya v marsianskuyu sto protsentov originala
voakh oy oy!@
k l e y g l u e
this ansi is dedicated to my old pal, catch 22. the guy who garnered
respect from everyone in the scene for the integrity behind his group
glue, his artwork, and just for being an all around cool motherfucker.
priort to the spring 2013 blocktronics pack, glue was the last group i
was in before shipping off to college. im not sure if i knew it at the
time, but i only released once in glue, and then that was that. the only
piece i had in the pack was a font, with me rambling on and on about how
much the font sucks. a common thing for me to do anyway, years and
years later i saw that ansi, and i thought to myself you are a fucking
dumb motherfucker. my ONE release in glue is filled with me complaining
about a shitty font. it looked like inviting someone over for a nice
dinner and they bring an apple pie the found in a dumpster and say well,
heres what i brought to your nice dinner. a shitty dumpster pie.
ugh, anyway - that didnt sit well with me when i saw that font years later.
so thats why id like to give a shout ot to catch 22 unfortunately i have
yet to see hanging around. in hopes that some day he sees this.
this original space jam brought to you by
filth of the blocktronics mayhem squad
summer 20l3
The things hollow - it goes on forever - and - oh my God...
its full of stars!
etogo originalnogo varenya prostranstva prines vam gryazotryad blocktronics M