avg 2008 - blocktronics
rest in peices.. sense
piece done by avenging angel of blocktronics 08 avg
to one of the longest standing groups ever to stay on the ansi scene..
without sense, the ansi scene would have been even darker than what it already
was.. it gave artists a home to release, and it kept some of us active..
i throw my hat off to all the members of sense, past and present, especially
dave.. he came a long way to leading this group.. and sadly the sense flame has
burned out.. it was alway an honor to be part of a group that stood the test of
times, groups came and went.. but it was sense that was consistent, and sense
that outlasted all of the groups of its time. so i salute all members of sense
including: aesthetic, maytag, ansichrist, textrocist, m0l0, fusion, svg, cryo,
portia, sephiroth, noches, zerostar, propane, luminator, untamed, ville,
transient, tracker1, hseven, barium and last but not least, zerovision..
thanks for the great packs guys.. avenging angel..