innovation is not just about creating new things,
but also to prevent the end of something good
RESVOLUTION August 2008 - the first in many to come. On the 30th of April i received a reply from enzO in regards to what you see before you today. Blocktronics.. what is it?, well for many viewing this pack its just another ansi group, but i assure you its not. We have endlessly put in time and effort and creativity in what we have for you now, a group full of creative artists, new blood, and a handfull of ideas. This group started with two people, Myself avg and enzo and we had no idea, that we would create a monster to this magnitude, it has truly suprised us. With all the artists who have decided to continue drawing, start drawing or put the ansi gloves back on for this cause, is truly an accomplishment in itself. it makes me proud to say that we started something that has never really been done to this effect EVER in the ansi scene. Sure you had, ice, acid, cia, sure.. we had some brilliant groups in our time but all those groups lacked something that we are bringing to the ansi format today. which is expansion of the ansi medium, and trying to bring it towards a mainstream audience. How can this be done?, its crap! your probaly thinking.. just sit back and enjoy every pack untill you realise what we eventually have done to this medium. regards, Ivan Segaric avg happy ju ju pants man. In this pack you will know why a lie repeated often enough becomes truth. Ansi was never dead and Blocktronics is not just a group, its a new way of interpreting and creating textmode art. enzo did not write this, he paid someone else! We would like to say that we really dont need you anymore! Yes, thats right! We dont need any viewers to make us feel as a group, because the blocktronics way of creating ansi is far beyond what you know about the ansi scene. look how good is the grammar... If you still belive ansi is dead, view this pack and face
the reality: You are dead! Ansi lives in the secret garden of blocktronics, a place that you will never be or unders tand, safe from your lies and negative thinking, where creative and genuine artists like zeroVision and many others reinvent themselves daily, with a magical mix of talent, commitment and hard work. no fucking way he did it... Its 2008 and we are really proud of what we do, because We draw ANSI and we were born to draw ANSI! Something that you will never understand...never. that silly mexican cant even spell t-u-r-d This pack is dedicated for all of those that helped to make this group a reality and keep the ansi dream burning on their hearts. The Blocktronics revolution is unleashed... Luciano Ayres enzO
I really, really hate ZeroVision. Dave Begic aesthetic
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artwork by avg and enzO