A Very Merry Information File by Killa Blockz
A Very Merry Information File by Killa Blockz
avgesus alphaking
ya filthy animal
Hello patrons of the block. It is my distinct pleasure to deliver this NFO
introduction text. Its my first time in an official capacity to bear any
real responsibiltiy for putting together a blocktronics release. Luckily I
have Whazzit as a partner in crime on this one. This release is a pretty
special one because for the first time in far too long we have submissions
from all the artists you know and love. This pack is chock-a-block full of
art from ung, avg, enzo, filth, misfit, and tcf. The gangs all here.
So on this Christmas holiday let all us at b7 wish you and yours a very
happiest of holidays and new year. And should Uncle Eddie let Snots loose
and you find yourself at the threshold of Hell just sit back and fire up
that yule log. Grab some eggnog. Open this pack and let these sweet
sixteen colors from a bygone underground dial-up era take you to a special
place of nostalgia.
Nobodys walking out on this fun old-fashioned blocktronics Christmas.
- Alpha King, 2018