**WIP** **PIRATE** **WIP** **WIP**
10/15/13 - trying some shit - matt
10/17/13 - this is fucking awesome - enzO I added some stuff tonight
10/17/13 - enzo - that background is off the hizzy
10/19/13 - added a little colours - avg
10/19/13 - melded enzos shading into mine... might have to rework face
shading a little now - reworked lower tentacle -matt
10/19/13 - enzoid sig enzo: how bout we do each others names? get the
basic outlines done and then shade the fucking shit out of it?
10/20/13 - tried a different color for the bubble bg -matt
10/20/13 - added cyan and blue details to bground and tweaked the pirate
body outlines. And added the mattmathew mini logo - enzO
10/20/13 - made a transition between the enzoid and the mattthew logos,
added some minor tweaks to the letters. -matt
10/21/13 - roughed out a couple logo variants for avg and black flag -raddo
10/21/13 line 2122 started a raddo outline still not sure on it. -avg
10/21/13 - added various colours
10/21/13 - made a version of raddos avg logo -matt
10/22/13 - took matts version of my version of the avg logo to make a
new revision of that logo and put some izzle on it -raddo
10/22/13 - I want to work more on the oultines, but need to know what was
planned for the bottom of the ansi, I mean, after the arm/tshirt
. Whats that? - enzO
re: was gonna draw the octopus but i was thinking that it looks
cool having ambiguous tentacles that dont belong to anything.
it would be rad to bury our sigs into the pic, maybe continue
more piratey stuff below. what do you think? -matt
10/23/13 - tentacle fun fun -matt :
10/23/13 - blocktronics font, trying to do water bubbles off the letters
10/25/13 - background behind enzos background ... lettering sigs in the
middle of the piece.... sleep... sweet sweet sleep... :matt
who knows what me and enzo did... stuffs... lots of stuffs...
for 4 hours... buya
what happens on the live server stays on the live server
10/25/13 - added the 67 font. feel free to fuck with it.. -matt
10/26/13 - radman came up with a concept for the 67 font, i refined it
a little -matt
10/27/13 - added some stuff. go nuts dudes. -matt
10/27/13 - refined and colored pirate lock, added a skeleton key -raddo
10/27/13 - messed with the crustacean outline a bit /oo/ -r
10/27/13 - redid the key again, calling it a keeper -r
10/27/13 - radman haz crabs
10/27/13 - font colouring -avg
10/28/13 - messed with the first skull and shaded some pir8/octopus - enzO
10/29/13 - swirly skull thingies, messed with avgs tentacle shadow...matt
10/29/13 - worked a bit more refining the skull body/bones outlines - enzO
10/30/13 - sketched out a clown fish for matt. -raddO
10/30/13 - added a psychedelic starfish -r
10/30/13 - added gold and bling. also finished refining the skelleton - enzO 10/31/13 - gave willie the skeleton some family jewels -raddO lawl
10/31/13 - added a toony hermit crab to the top of this changelog -raddO
10/31/13 - tried some contrast shading on the ribcage. i like it, so
im going to continue it through the rest of the skeleton.-matt
11/01/13 - added some coral at the bottom. will refine later matt
11/02/13 - worked a bit more on willies armoutlines and started refining
the bottom skulls. Added more ideas on the top background - zO
11/03/13 - messed with the coral w/ avg - will finish later - matt
11/04/13 - added technicolor seahorse 68 -raddO
11/06/13 - shaded the bottom skulls - enzO
11/08/13 - copying mattmatts coral shading : -raddO
11/09/13 - changing the color of the chest wood, shaded some other stuff
on the bottom, refined willys fingers -matt
11/10/13 - finished shading the chest... started shading/coloring on
the skeleton arm and fingers... coral highlights... added some
doodads under the sig fonts... highlights in the pirates
hair... added some chunky jewels... did some shading and
refined some outlines of the seaweed - matt
11/11/13 - defined the corals a little better from bg... redid the crab
shading for more contrast... tweaked the highlights in the
seaweed... added some dark blue contrast to the wood ...
worked on defining more of the ribs/skeleton... matt
11/12/13 - jem is my name, no one else is the same... jem!
11/13/13 - patterns within patterns within patterns ... i have a headache
11/14/13 - i did stuff -matt
11/14/13 - trying a new beard. -matt
11/14/13 - beard 2.0 -matt
11/16/13 - to beard or not to beard. did more shading on the sleeve.
minor shading touch ups on the face, redrew the eyebrows.
added some shadows to the skeletons skull. moved raddos
little hermit crab to the bottom. drew a sea floor. -matt
We are the Misfits and were gonna get err
11/22/13 - seaweed details, skeleton refining, started shading the
ground behind the lettering. -matt
12/02/13 - finished shading seaweed, finished shading skeleton,
passed off to ivan to finish final touches. : -matt
TODO List: * Seaweed shading / tighten up outlines and coloring
* Skull body arm shading
* Ground shading
* Black Flag font shading
* sig fonts need small touchups and everything below the sig
fonts needs work. top is pretty much done.
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  • title
  • author
  • group
  • date
  • 2014-02-28
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 914
    font: IBM VGA
    icecolors: yes
    letter spacing: 8px
    legacy aspect: no

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