flying eagle tutorial by enzo
flying eagle tutorial by enzo
BLOCKTRONICS ANSi TUTORIAL Oct.23.2013 SMALLSCALE FLYING EAGLE BLOCKTRONICS TUTORIAL LEVEL: Begginer INTRODUCTION In this tutorial you will learn some basic techniques to draw smallscale ANSi artwork, but that can be applied to any kind of textmode drawing. TOOL USED: PabloDraw You can use any other ANSi editor or download PabloDraw here: Are you ready? Lets draw! : enzO
Google a good reference picture for your drawing. It can be a photo 1 or illustration. In this case, Ive used this one: PabloDraw windowand place the picture side by side with it. Ref. PabloDraw PabloDraw Ref. Pic. Window Window Pic. OR MONITORMONITORBLOCKTRONICS.ORG Adjust the zoom level on the reference to make it the same size you 2 will draw it, in this case, a smallscale. This way you can focus only on the necessary details for that specific size. CORRECT WRONG REFERENCE PIC ZOOM LEVELREFERENCE PIC ZOOM LEVELBLOCKTRONICS.ORG Heres the most important step of this tutorial: Start your drawing 3 trying to replicate the overall shape of the picture. Dont get stuck on details, it will only slow you down. Only PRO artists can start with details and coloring, if you are not a PRO yet, do your homework and make the overall shape look as accurate aspossible before doing anything else.HINT: Never delete an outline you dislike.Just move it elsewhere on the canvas before trying something new, or save it. You will be amazed how you may think different about it the next time you load it. New day, new ideas. BLOCKTRONICS.ORG Now that youre satisfied with the final basic shape, start outlining 4 the other main parts of the picture. In this case, the head, coreand tail. Dont worry about detailing it too much right now, justmake sure to outline the main parts as accurate as you did with the overall shape in the previous step. BLOCKTRONICS.ORG 5 Heres another helpful trick, right now your outlines are pretty closeto the final version, but not finished yet. So, start detailing thedrawing from the outside to inside.This means you have to make surethe outer outlines of the drawing looks really good before working oninner parts of it. HINT: Always use negative space to add more depth to your drawing. Remember that you dont have to draw exactly what you see to make the viewers really believe on it. Trick their brains with the smart usage of negativespace. BLOCKTRONICS.ORG 6 Alright! Now its time to give special attention to details. Thinkabout whats really needed to add, and dont stop until you achievea satisfying result. Test multiple options for the details, using different blocks until it looks good enough. Test, test and test.There are many ways to get the same result in ANSi, and your jobis to find your own way.As you can see in some details on the head and tail, I like to usesome unconnected lines to smooth some lines and I hardly use F7 or F8blocks, but thats just me.At this step, its also a good idea to start testing colors to seeif they constrat well with the colors you ve planned for the drawing.Once again, you have to test multiple options to find the best result. HINT: If you face a detail too hard to replicate, adapt it your way. Like I said before, you can trick the viewers brain in many ways. BLOCKTRONICS.ORG 7 After you ve decided about the colors, add all the basic colors.Remember that the original reference pic has its own light source,so if your drawing also replicated the original light source, makesure the outline and colors fit it well. HINT: Keep testing and refining the outlines and details on every step.There s always room for improvement until its finished. BLOCKTRONICS.ORG 8 You are almost done! Now your outline and base colors are ready tobe shaded. If your drawing is really minimalist, you wont be ableto apply complex shading techniques, so, just keep it simple to get a better result. Keep testing different options for the shadingand colors until you feel proud about it! Well done! You ve completed this tutorial. Keep practicing over and over with different pictures, perspectives, angles, themes and styles. Thats really the only way to master it. FINAL HINT: Have fun, always! enzO Blocktronics BLOCKTRONICS.ORG
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