_006: Blocktronics ACiD Trip (NFO) by blocktronics council
_006: Blocktronics ACiD Trip (NFO) by blocktronics council
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Space Invaders Review by Diamondie
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97Art Release Information
The following by
RaD Man
Welcome to the fou
rth and final Blocktronics artpack
installment of the
year, the blocktronicsACiD
What a tremendous year 2013
has been for Blocktronics and
the artscene at large. The
justly named BlocktronicsAwaken
released in April of this y
ear was a game changer. Each pack
that followed was a calling card to all retired a
message: We still care.
It worked. Less than a week after
the release of the Awaken art
pack, I setup a Pablo server and announced it to the
ACiD alumni group.
If youve never connected to a Pablo server
before, imagine this: picture a virtual
chatroom with a 10
,000 line ANSI/ASCII art canvas that anyone can edit.
It immediately transforms
the creative experience into
something social, something cooperative, som
ething educational.
Friends who have now known each other f
or two decades or more
started to drop in, one after another, just
to say hello. Or
perhaps to sit in as one of their peers, or
scene idols, do what
they do best. Slowly, people from all over
the world began to
Meanwhile, Blocktronics continued to raise t
he stakes with their
artpack that followed, Blocktronics16c
olors, an homage to the
Sixteen Colors ANSI/ASCII Art Archive. Week
s later, Doug Moore
presented Archiving the
Evolution of ANSI and ASCII Art at
the BSides conference in Las
Vegas, an excellent primer on the
artscene of today and yesterday.
It wasnt just members of our own
scene who began to connect.
For the first time in history, our
scene joined with the East
Asian ANSI scene for a live gallery exhibit
held in Beijing,
China, called ACE2013. The ANSI
art of China Expo showcased the
complex diversity between East and Western ANSI art. T
hanks again to L
STAR and ansiart.org for th
eir role in making that a reali
With momentum at an alltime hi
gh came BlocktronicsSpaceInvaders
and a record setting 146 diffe
rent art objects. With a wide
range and variety
of styles, some of the best text-based art
ever created resi
des in these packs.
No stranger to demoparties,
Blocktronics took EVOKE 2013
by storm, with Filth
taking first place in PC ANSI/ASCII.
enzO even managed to knock
the pants off audience members
at TRSAC 2013 by
proxy. And then there was DEMOSPLASH...
At this point I am no longe
r a casual observer. I had been
ining a Pablo server for many months, and for the
first time in a decade, I picke
d up the ANSI brush, making
my return with the Space I
nvaders pack.
Shortly after the Space Inv
aders release, the Blocktronics
council contacted me about
the possibility of an ACiD-themed
pack, and here we are.
...What would later be bill
ed as the Worlds Longest ANSI Art
by media outlets humbly beg
an as three blank silhouette
portraits designed by
enzO. Ungenannt picked up from there,
and almost immediately the project
jumped from 100 lines to
1,000 lines, then 2,000. The version of PabloDraw we w
ere using at t
hat time had a soft limit of 2,048 lines if
running o
n Windows. A second server was deployed to support
the rapidly developing enormity o
f this ANSI.
Two servers. One ANSI.
The progressive screens
hots spoke for themselves. Out of
retirement for this megascroller came
Deeply Disturbed,
Sonic, Whazzit
Mage, and Zerovision. In total, 23 artist
s from 6 different cou
ntries participated in this project.
With our sights set on Demosplash, we s
et out to complete this
ANSI and enter it into their ANSI/ASCII compo.
Doug Moore, Misfit, a
nd I all traveled to Pittsburgh to meet
up with Filth to drink beer
, invent the sport of double
duckpin bowling, and make our way to Demo
splash at Carnegie
Mellon University to unveil an ANSI which had since
to a height of 3,266 lines 52,256 pixel
s tall. The mega-
scroller received the highest honor possible, awarded
first place with a p
erfect score of 100. The Demosplash
trophy is now on a tour of its own,
traveling around the world
so that each and every contributing
artist has the opportunity
to spend some quality time with it, photograp
h it, share the
experience with the group and pass i
t on.
In additi
on to taking first place in the ANSI/ASCII compo at
Demosplash, Blocktr
onics also took places second, third, and
fourth with Paris i
s Burning, Blue Demon, and Robot Rocktronics
by Misfit
, Enzo, and Filth, respectively.
Soon after, we learned
that the winning ANSI was so enormous
that it just
breaks things. Web browsers, ANSI viewers, even
modern graphic design software. I knew what we had c
reated was
special and I wanted to make it available to
the widest audience
possible, while cre
ating a BBS-like experience. Trixter, the
of the Mindcandy demoscene DVD trilogy, was
kind enough
to work with us on this concept and the fi
rst 16:9 1080p native
ANSI video was born.
We announced t
he video, and a wave of media attention followed,
resulting in 13,000+ views on You
tube. As a symbolic gesture,
Piano Man, the
first musician to ever join ACiD, also made his
return since acid-
100 to create the soundtrack for the super
scrolling ANSI video. Che
ck out his amazing hand work on his
YouTube channel, its all funked
A different kind of ANSI music.
On to the artpack at hand. The
support for this project has j
ust been overwhelming. While this entire artpack is a
of sorts, we have
a set of specific tribute pieces which take
shape in different
forms, such as the Bad Karma Hard Wired
remix by The T
extorcist, as well as a tribute ANSI to Catb
a portrait of James
Bodie by enzO, and an epic set of aptly
named collage piece
s by Filth which are certain to transport yo
back in time. Safe
ty not guaranteed.
Tasmaniac, the origina
l mastermind behind the SAUCE specification
, has also returned to give the
standard a facelift, marking the
first revisions to SAUCE since 1997. SAUCE wa
s first introduced in 1994 as
a portable metadata standard and a means to display
basic author, title, and group i
nformation in the artpack viewers
of the 1990s. In order to accommodate the n
eeds of text artists
of the 21st century, SAUCE now supports a wi
de range of fonts, with flags
for granular details such as font size, letter spacing
for 8/9 pixel wide characters
, and the ability to suggest an
appropriate aspect ratio correction.
, the author of the ANSI/ASCII editor Pab
loDraw, has also
coordinated the release of PabloDraw 3.2 with the publ
ication of the B
locktronicsACiDTrip artpack, boasting 0-day sup
port for the newl
y revised SAUCE standard, command line conversion
and headless server, p
erformance enhancements, and numbered file
Weve also partnered with BarZoule
and his crew at Bawlz to pres
ent the invite to the 16th Text Mode Demo Contest
an online demo-making competition which is held betwee
n 11.11.13 to
12.12.13. Included in this artpack is a copy of
the invite demo,
bawlz-wavyturbulence. A historical archi
ve of TMDC demos is available
via Pouet, at: http://www.pou
Thank you for joining me for the ACiD trip exp
This artpack is a true celebration of the dive
rsity of ANSI
and ASCII art. Together, we made this happen.
This is our medium.
We still care.
The follo
wing by enzO
2013 was such an amazing year to Blocktronics. Weve r
eleased memora
ble artpacks, participated in really cool ANSi compos,
created one of the most amazing
collaborative ANSis ever and even
displayed our artwork at an art gallery in China.
It was certai
nly fun, but the best thing about it were all the good
moments we had
drawing together with our friends, because thats
what we really are, a group of
friends that finds in art all the
answers we cant find anywhe
re else.
For some of us, art teaches
more about ourselves.
For some of us, art carries our message
to the world.
For some of us, art connects us with what we real
ly are. For some of us, art h
To all of us, art is abo
ut friendship, respect and remembering that
life is good when you do
what you love surrounded by people you can
Thank yo
u, Blocktronics family! You all live in my heart and 2
is an em
pty canvas inviting us to illustrate more beautiful st
wut tree.
The following
by Killa Kell
This mutha fucker santi perez we
nt behind my back took cash an got my
perscription pain pills out the pharamcy wtf
owell look anthor case
this one is perscription fraud what a pice o
f shit to do gto anybody.
Ii dnt know what tha ph
aramcia will do about tha situation butt i m
asume ing it would be fed case , cuz its
pills shit its out,of,my handz ILL N
EVER SNItCh MF !!! Live an die BY G CODE!!!!!!!!
00IILINE0305Members Li
st Websites
ABR Nickname Real Name
2m Mattmatthew Matthew Yee
Matt Yee on Behance
Hawaii, USA behance.net
ao AOX Unknown
Guest Artist
ant ANT Anthony Schil
ler Artist
Michigan, USA
asx Asphyx Unknown
France www.asphyx.fr
avg Avenging Angel Ivan Segari
c Apple
Australia www.apple.com
aw Abdully Wahaa Unknown
Guest Artist
axd Access Denied Nick Boel
Pharcyde BBS
Wisconsin, USA bbs.pharcy
biz Bizarro Mikael Asp
ling Artist
bw Binary Walker Florian Och
mann Artist
Germany binarywalker.de
bym Big Yellow Man Fredrick Ol
sson Artist
cap Captain Hood Hawk Hubbar
d Black lag BBS
Florida, USA blackflag.a
cat Catbones Cat Spenc
er Artist
Missouri, USA catbones.c
cbn Cubon Unknown
cl! Cleaner Frederic C
ambus Cleaner Alternative Museum
France cleaner.untergru
cr Cryogenic Karl Gre
net Artist
crs Crasher
Unknown Artist
cx Cyonx
Pat Swanson Artist
Raleigh, NC, USA
dd Deeply Disturbed Unknown
Quebec, Canada
del Delicious Jamie Marti
n Live Jamie
Arizona, USA live
dman dman Dmitry Kalinin
dvn dVn Devin Davidso
n Artist
Alberta, Canada
eto ETO Curtis Wensle
y Picoe Software Solutions
Vancouver, Canada picoe.ca
fil Filth Joshua Hill
yard Distortion BBS
Pennsylvania, USA http://d1st
fs F0sT
Unknown Artist
fx Ferrex
Unknown Artist
Germany ferrex.devianta
gj Grymmjack Rick Christ
y Artist
Michigan, USA
hx Haliphax
Unknown Artist
Missouri, USA
h7 h7 An
tii Kiuru Haciend BBS
Finland haciend.
ig Ironghost Matthew Kem
p Artist
Illinois, USA
irokos Unknown Ar
jp! Jack Phlash Jay
Phillips Distortion BBS
Tennessee, USA ht
Knocturnal Unknown
Georgia, USA
ls Lord Scarlet Dou
g Moore Sixteen Colors
Washington, D.C. sixte
maytag man Lukos Weiga
ndt Artist
Ontario, Canada
mi Mongi
Patrick Liu Artist
Sweden twi
mt Misfit James Bodie
Bodhi Tree Studio Tattoos+Illustr
West Virginia, USA facebook.com
no Noches Unk
nown Artist
ns Ansichrist
Unknown Artist
Piano Man Kristian Ducharme
Musician C
alifornia, USA http://youtu.be/MVBOy7UF-XQ
pm Polymorph Unknown
Artist S
pn Pandur Thomas Komb
uechen Artist
Germany tom.drastic.net
RaD Man Christian Wirth
ACiD Productions
California, USA facebook.com/ACiD.Pr
rod Rodamned Rodman La
u Artist
Connecticut, USA rodamn.devi
ret Retribution Unknown
Kentucky, USA
rev REV Niklas Brodin
sc Sonic Steve Mason
California, USA
sk!n art of sk!n Michae
l Hischer Art of sk!n ASCII Artist
Germany DeZig
n - The Way We Walk FB
sm Smoke
Yahwe Chao Artist
California, USA
sm Smooth La
wrence T Manuel Artist
California, USA lmanuel.deviantart.c
sp Spear
Mark Pendell Artist
New York, USA
sph Sephiroth Hin Hale
sz Skuz Leslie Given
Fluph BBS
West Virginia, USA fluph.darkt
tas Tasmaniac
Olivier Reubens Coder
tcf Fever Aaron Frick
Aaron Frick Art
Georgia, USA facebook.com/aaronfri
ckart t
na The Night AngelAlexandre Mnard
Artist Quebec
, Canada
txt Textmode Exorcist Keith Nadol
ny Artist Ne
w York, USA
ung Un
genannt Unknown Artist
Georgia, USA
wz Whazzit Mage Chris Br
unjes Artist
zii Zeus II
Joel Brjel Artist
Enzo Luciano Ayres
Brazil enzo.deviantart.
zv Zerovision Unknown
Georgia, USA
Members, if you would like any information adde
d or omitted in future
releases send said information to Aaron
Frick or frick@insidehoops.net
0IIILINE0506How to joi
n Blocktronics.
You can become a member of Blocktronics
by speaking to Luciano Ayres
aka Enzo on Facebook
. We have a secret FB group with a very lar
amount of scene and art related activity poste
d on a regular basis.
They also discuss other interesting topics such as koala
bears and twerking. The only two
requirements of membership are an interest in
low resolution art and dont be a shitty
person. Being a shitty artist is f
ine avg but not a shitty person. If you wou
ld rather lay low and draw without
bothering to join send guest submissions to Aaron
Frick or Luciano Ayres
via submit@blocktronics.org.
Art Drawing Resources
Here are
links to your ANSi art drawing resources.
draw 3.2 - Pablodraw v.3.2 is an ANSi/ASCi
i text and RIPscrip vector graphi
c art editor/viewer with multi-user
capabilities. PabloDraw uses the awesome Eto
cross-platform framework to provide native U
I for
Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Features - Draw ANSI and ASCII with your mo
- Load save 24-bit colour ANSi files
- Support for SAUCE 00.5 descriptions
- New configurable ANSI/ASCII brush
- New colour brush
- New text draw
ing tools: pencil, line, circle
box, ink dropper
- Many Amiga and DOS fonts added
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements
Blocktronics.org - A v
ery in depth website with Blocktronics services,
links, art reque
sts, tutorials, art releases, and
much fucking more.
Sixteen Colors - sixt
eencolors.net is the most comprehensive collection
of low resolution textmode art i
n the world. Download artpacks from
1990 to current or view them online.
- syncterm.bbsdev.net, a telnet client to
visit the bulletin boar
d systems listed below. I recommend visiting through a
web browser if the syso
p has made that option available.
000VLINE0564ANSi F
acebook Groups
Here are some Face
book groups Blocktronics members are cu
rrently involved with in
some way. Some of these groups might be private or
secretive so you have to
know a member listed above to gain access.
Ansi, Ascii artists worldwide! -
Closed group. Invite only. **
ACiD Productions - Public page. O
pen. ***** A
CiD - Secret group. Invite only. ***
** Blocktronics -
Open to the public group found through search **
- Secret, members only group. Invite only.
***** DeZign - The Way W
e Walk Ascii / Ansi Art - Open page.
***** iCE -
iCE art group Open Page.
Sixteen Colors ANSI Art
and ASCII Art Archive - Open page. ****
Web Telnet BBS List
Most of these boards can be visited via web bro
wser and also have
Facebook pages you can search for with more inf
p.Address Affilia
After Hours Gre
g Youngblood telnet://afterhours-bbs.com
Retroverse Nicholas Todd http://w
Distortion Jack Phlash
Web Connect: http://d1st.org B
Fluph Skuz telnet://fluph.
Web Connect: fluph.bbsnexus.com
Haciend El Bananas BBS H7 t
elnet://haciend.bbs.fi We
b Connect: http://haciend.bbs.fi
ine Stylers.Mimic. D
amones.Hirmu.Impure Ascii.Innate Ascii.Aerosol Ascii.Se
nse Imag
ery.Wamma.Ducksquad Finland HQ.Accession.Alpha Design.
aceballs.Primitive WHQ.
Hazard/2 S
moke telnet://hazard2.org
Ink2 Smooth telnet://bbs.in
Pharcyde Access Denie
d telnet://bbs.pharcyde.org
Web Connect: http://pharcyde.org
Trans-Canada BBS Dimitri telnet://t
Under the Black Flag
Captain Hood telnet://blackflag.acid.or
g Web Connect: blackflag.bb
snexus.com/connect B
iDiC WHQ. Agoranet U
S Eastern Hub.DeZign USHQ.Blocktronics and Sixteen
Colors Support.
X-TReMe BBS The Doctor t
0VIILINE0646Real talk
with Kelly the Facebook Gangsta
These are real FB messages from a friend, al
low me to translate.
Man wht a l
ong night today ive been so
Stressd not in tha mood 4 anybodyz shit just
had a car all beat up
look like .shit had sum ho yell shit out idk even who
they were so me bei.
In a pisses ass mold yelld for them to come ba,k so th
ey t
urned around well killa kell did tha thunder clap af th
em an there di
rty azz whip pepz dnt understand moe u may think om so
ft.or a
busta but u best beleave ill get at u in tha l
ong run insum type of
slation - Todays night was long. I have been stressed.
I would
rather not have to deal with other peo
ples problems. A whore in a
dilapidated vehi
cle yelled at us. I didnt know who they were but
me being me and in a very dreadful mood request
ed they return. Then
I, Killa Kell, thunder clap
ped at them and their bedraggled whip.
do not understand me. You could possibly think that I
m impuis
sant or impoverished but you should probably believe t
hat I
will seek reveng
e at some point in the distant future, somehow.
Glad i left ya
found out more b s about to night
Translation - I am delighted
that our relationship ended at my
bequest, on this night I was
informed of more misinformation
regarding you.
Damn the hall way an in the apt were i
n smellz like hydro only i
aint smoke today definly jealous
Translation - Drat, the corridor
and also the apartment that we
reside in contains and
overwhelming bouquet of marijuana. Unfortun-
ately I have not smo
ked today. I am completely envious of the people
who did.
Lookn like
larry holmes flabby n sick tryn 2 playa hate on my sh
Translation - This fellow that
resembles Larry Holmes. He has a
weight problem and looks like he is potent
ially ill. He is attempting
to criticize everything about my person.
back out here! n these s
treetz!!!!!!!!!!!!! and aint goin back !!!
Translation - I have been released from
incarceration!!!! I have
returned to the
familiarity of the boulevard!!!! I do not plan on
returning to the
county jail.
when i heard thanews other day i started to sh
ed so many tearz out
i will never forget ur big smile n all tha times we spe
nt as kids clownin a
n cause a ruckess on tha block we use to go to tha pro
office together to see tha same P
O lol as tha older we got we didnt
hang as tufff but bro u will forever be in m
y heart bro an on my
mind RIP J kunckle head crew forever my nikka
Translation - The other da
y I was informed of the ghastly news and
I began to weep incessantl
y, uncontrollably, the tears streamed down
my face until I had no mor
e tears left. Your abnormally large smile
will always be remi
nisced. I will also remember the ample amount
of ti
me we spent as children acting foolishly and terrorizi
citizens that live in our immediate n
eighborhood. We often attended
the same probati
on office together and visited with the same exact
parole officer laughing. Unfortunat
ely as time passed by and we
aged we no
longer spent as much time in each others company, howe
ver, brot
her you will eternally reside in my heart, brother, an
d always
be on my mind. Rest in peace J knuckl
e head crew, forever, my nigga.
i cant beleave this slut she claims th
a baby is mine but gots bite
marks and hickeys on her neck what a f
uckin joke u is
anslation - I cannot be certain of this slut. She is a
that her bastard child is a product of
my seed, however, she has
unmistakenly been bitten on her neck
by other men during the act of
sexual interco
urse leaving noticeable contusions. This slut cannot
be taken seriously in any sense of the word.
tha heightz is hott tha jakezrushd me 5 times n 4dayz t
hey said i
shot at a couple pepz and ya fuckfacez still g
otz nothing on tha kid
LAUghing and still smokeing on tha kush and to
tha bitch that be runnin
g her mouth when i see u im going to cut ur head off a
nd fuck u wit a broomstick think
about it punkazz ho!!!!!!n u no who u are
Translation - These inner city stree
ts have been rife with violence
lately. I have been attacked by
the jakez 5 times in 4 days. The
jakez are claiming t
hat I shot at a couple of their close friends.
, these fuck faces do not have any evidence to make su
ch an
outlandish claim against me, a young man. I find this h
umorous. I am
smoking a lot of cheap marijuana
. To the outspoken female who is
king a lot about me I will cut off your head when I se
e you and
I will also fuck you with a broomstick. Please
take these things i
nto consideration, hooligan prostitute!!!!! I believe t
hat you are
aware of who you are.
VIIILINE0748Space InvadersRev
iew by DD
Not bad, except for a few sharp noses and tha
t 90 of the artwork was n
ot really pure ANSi. If you really want to
know what pure
ANSi is about, please download my new book PURE
ANSi IN 21 Days
or my previous book PURE ANSi FOR DUMMIES. Both
are free, because
if you are an ANSi artist you are pretty much b
roke and
would not be able to buy it.
Invaders Top 5 Pics
Based on Blocktronics
members and artists voting.
Congratulations to these gu
ys for their fan favorites in our very
own B7 popularit
y contest!
5.14 artists! 0
5 Votes we-meetSpaceInvaders
5.Misfit 05 Votes Mt
-cortez the killer
4.Ungenannt 06 Votes ungenannt
cockadoodledoodle 4
.Filth 06 Votes fil-kley
3.BYM 08 Vo
tes bymonholidaypt1-3
2.mattmatthew 11 Votes
1.enzO 12 Vote
s zO-paloma
Space Invaders Top 5 Fonts
Based on Blocktronics members and art
ists voting.
Congratulations to these guys for t
heir fan favorites in our very
own B7 popularity contest!
5.Knocturnal 03 Votes k1-f
5.TNA 03 Votes tna-awe
4.Cleaner 04 Votes cl-67
4.TXT Exorcist 04 Votes txt-fluph1
4.Smooth 04 Votes sm-aci
dgreen 3.mattmatthew 07 Vo
tes 2m-cocktronics 2.mattma
tthew 08 Votes 2m-invaders
1.Knocturnal 10 Votes k1-fire
Artist Statistics
Im a little bit of a stats nerd. Whatever you
wanna call it
but I think statistics can be fun and even sometimes mo
tivating. Here
are some Blocktronics artist stats. Coolness
2M 014 32 VOTES
Top 10 by releases Blocktr
onics Contest 4
3 001 00 VOTES
70 008 00 VOTES 1 AVG 062
Votes Rank.Entrants..Points.
AD 004 00
VOTES 2 ZO 048 1 TXT
10 0
AES 004 00 VOTES 3 K1
043 1 TCF 45
1 K1 10
ANT 003 00 VOTES
4 TCF 034 2 UNG
42 2 2M 8
AO 002 00 VOTES 5 BW
029 3 K1 41
3 DEL 6 0
AVG 062
32 VOTES 6 ZV 023 4
2M 32 4 NA
0 0
BIZ 008 04 VOTES 7
FIL 021 4 AVG 32
5 NA 0 0
BW 029
01 VOTES 8 TXT 021 5
MT 17 6 NA
0 0
BYM 009 08 VOTES 9
RAD 018 6 FIL 15 7
NA 0 0
CAT 003 00
VOTES 9 UNG 018 7
ZO 15 8 NA
0 0
CBN 001 00 VOTES 0
H7 014 8 TXT 10
9 NA 0
CL! 006 04 VOTES 9 BYM
08 10 NA 0
CRS 001 00 VOTES
11 NA 0
003 00 VOTES Most Cat ANSis TXT
12 NA 0 0
CX 003 00
VOTES Prettiest Smile DEL
13 NA 0 0
DEL 009 01 V
OTES Most likely to be a 14 NA
0 0
DMA 002 00 VOTES terr
orist SPH 15 NA
0 0
DVN 001 00 VOTES Most burritos e
aten 16 NA 0
021 15 VOTES one sitting ZO
78 17 NA 0
0 FS
001 00 VOTES Most trees kicked
18 NA 0 0
FX 001 00 VOTES
over AVG1,252
19 NA 0 0
H7 014 01 VOTES Best
WoW Player BW 20 NA
0 0
HX 001 00 VOTES
Largest Family UNG
IG 001 00 VOTES
Sexiest RAD10/10 1ST 10
IKS 002 00 VOTES
Prettiest Sister AVG 2ND 8 Poin
JP 005 01 VOTES
Biggest Kidnapper 3RD 6 Points
K1 043 41 VOTES
ANT51 Children 4TH 4
LS 001 00 VOTES
Most porn on HDD LS 5th 3 Poin
ts MAY 001
00 VOTES 26,223 TB
Enter 2 Points
MI 008 00 VOTES Flyest
kicks ZII MOS
003 00 VOTES
MT 013 17 VOT
N4 003 00 V
What Winner
NO 009 02 VOTES
AUG13 B7 Godzill
a Compo TXT
NS 011 02 VOTES
SEP13 B7 DIZ Color Compo K1
PM 001 00 VOTES
PN 001 00 VOTES
RAD 018 03 VOTES
013 04 VOTES
REV 002 00 VO
ROD 001 05 VOTES
SM 006 05 VOTES
SMK 004 07 VOTES
SP 010 07 VOTES
SPH 001 00 VOTES
TCF 034 45 VOTES
TNA 004 05 VOTES
TXT 021 10 VOTES
UNG 018 42 VOTES
WZ 002 00 VOTES
ZII 003 01 VOTES
ZO 048 15 VOTES
ZV 023
B7 ARTISTS: If you
go through the 6 B7 packs to date and Ive made
a mistake message me, Aaron Frick,
and I will correct. Thanks!
880Blocktronics Awards, Compo
Results Relevant Facts
BSiDES 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada Presentation Lord Sca
China Expo 2013 Beijing, Ch
ina Gallery Exhibithion
Evoke 2013 Cologne,
Germany ANSi Compo Winner Filth
2013 Carnegie Melon University
ANSi Compo Winner
TRSAC 2013
Aarhus, Denmark ANSi Compo
Runner-up ungenannt
3,266 line ANSi megajoint YouTube video with
13,000+ views F
We dedicate this artpack to the ACiD
members who are no longer with us.
Mallakai 1982-2001
MFX 1967-1994
Micah 1978-2004
Phaze 1981-2002
PhazeOne aka Phonosys
5phere 1983-2012
The Utah Saint 1977-2
* RaD Man, artpack curator
* Worlds Most Viewed ANSi
* Dem
osplash 2013 Winners
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