GWAR - we miss you oderus by ANT
GWAR - we miss you oderus by ANT
Oderus Urungus
I had originally wanted to do a gwar ansi a few
months ago, as I have always loved their imagery and m comic bookiness. Time went on, and Oderus Urungus
unfortunately passed away. Luckily, the pack theme is
the 80s. .
Mine and my girlfriends 2nd date 1st real date was
her and I going to a GWAR concert at the Orbit Room
in November of 2013. I knew that something was magic
whether it was the blood, guts, or fake cum that was
spewed on us at the concert, or the crazy shit between
her and I something was right. 6 months later, and
now something that united us is possibly gone, but
savored in the form of a memory.