B-Movies by 2m x avg
B-Movies by 2m x avg
Welcome my textmode friends, this is Blocktronics B-Movies package! To say
this pack was unexpected or expected is a lie, to be honest we knew there
was a very good possibility of it coming out but there was nothing definite.
Gearing up to a potential Christmas release I would have thought all of us
were burned out after the mammoth 10 year anniversary pack which was released
in August.
I think you could say its a follow up from our B-SiDES art pack from last
year where most of the Blocktronics members picked their favourite music
album covers, i think TCF started and then the subs just flew in.
Nail had this awesome Alien movie poster he had drawn and hadnt released,
So I thought Id try one and I did the Terminator movie art.. I think right
after that we decided to spring it on everyone within the group to get their
asses to work so we could deliver a quick pack to entertain you all before
a Christmas release.
Id like to thank the following artists for their contributions.
alpha king / delicious / filth / horsenburger / kirkman / matt matthew
misfit / mypalgoo / nail / realm dweller / whazzit
Okay guys, I really hope you enjoy the pack, and come join us christmas time!
- avg
or find us on facebook, the twat machine or that other app where people
pretend how awesome their lives are in a single photo.. OH instagram!