This was drawn for a presentation about ansi and ascii things
at Assembly 2018 demopartys Scene Lounge in 08/2018.
I was meaning to show how to shape a small circle but it turned out
to be a semi-oldskool pepsi logo instead.
Our block collection for this is
full blocks half blocks slim half blocks
1 2 3
work up a shape soften the edges add a touchup with
if not using pablo with half blocks slim jims
4 5 6
crude colors work shading blocks and some hilight
to get an idea if for fun joy colors traditional
the size is workable
7. Then you add some color and a background and use background color 7
to give it a bit of a shadow.
8. Since it turned out to be a logo, then you add a font beneath it
using the full blocks to shape it out and position it before doing
anything else
9 The font needs to be shaped better to be nice and clean so use halfblocks
10. woo. then you start looking at the logo and thinking that its not
the way it should be, right? googling confirms this.
The ball is ok size to be placed on the left side but not on top of
11. you erase the logo and do a lot smaller one thats not so great
anymore what comes to shape and look, but anyway. proportions are not
this is what usually happens to me. Too cumbersome to fix the big
logo to fit the ball on the left side with enough space, so i take
the shortcut and do something else instead.
12. then you go and have a pepsi.
This is my way of drawing stuff and by no means is perfect, and is just
a way that i doodle ansi when im bored or i have extra time on my hands.
Enjoy responsibly! :