Odium Tribute by Alpha King & Burps
Odium Tribute by Alpha King & Burps
A tribute from Alpha King formerly Otter of Odium and Burps formerly
Burps of Odium. Odium was a crazy little group started by Lord Jazz!
when Bleach fell through. It gave a lot a aspiring new artists a chance
to hone their skills with a twice monthly releasing art group while being
a part of something less stressful than the mainstream ACiD/iCE/FiRE
group demands. Ink: Burps Fuel Paint: Alpha King blocktronics
Odium members: lordjazz! founder, prime, unsane, anarchist, the silent
killer, otter, sir death, 7degrees, wator, fury, blacknight, the emperor
blind, shattered link, ack!, holocaust, penguin, whitesnake, calamity,
captain hood, celestian, bleys, burps, moon man, ruckus, mind bender,
crusader, sodium, shivian bastard, kuma, cerebus, dikarpo, cidica,
fractal, pathogen-x, reflexion, maxx, pinhead, outkast, solitude,
spear, mr. sandman, thecrow
oh. and some poser named suicidalsnowman.