Blender 2022A infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2022A infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
CthMist OK, here we all are!
at least a few participants
a couple of administrators
plenty of idlers and bots
sounds like a Blender to me!
t h e e r
the blender on pulse
s h i t t i n g t h e s h o o t
warpus fuck im late
or am i just in time?
i was just in 16c thinking im in blender, so clearly im not
ready for this yet
* warpus gulps down coffee
warpus jeez how much time will i need to fully wake up
CthMist hopefully by the time we judge in 24 hours youll be awake
MrRoboto hey man its about a year i first walked around this place
warpus its mr roboto anniversary day!
CthMist happy manufacturing date, roboto
MrRoboto thank you very much!
* pinguino has joined blender
CthMist pinguino, so glad to see you
warpus hey pinguino
* pinguino has left blender
warpus oh shit
CthMist I take it back!
* pinguino has joined blender
CthMist ping, hopefully your visit is a little longer this time
pinguino Using some weird iPhone irc app :p
HMDerdoc i have no group affiliation... i need to invent a group
is there a group called Colon blast?
CthMist there is now!
warpus Its probably worth mentioning that MFS is not here because hes
helping coordinate a sort of sexual blender with hot babes.
Otherwise he would totally be here
CthMist a gender blender if you will
yes, actually mfs / partying with hot babes / at the blender would
be a great topic
i t s a l l s u b j e c t i v e
CthMist ok, potential blender participants, we need some word suggestions.
I mean, we dont, we have a slushpile full of unused ones from past
blenders, but we maintain the illusion that its all on you
MrRoboto do we send the suggestions to you, cthulhu?
CthMist sure, private message them in
warpus if your keyboard doesnt have an underscore, you can send them to me
CthMist if your keyboard only has underscores, youre in trouble. ascii
art submission for sure.
warpus i think spinsane has a keyboard like that
CthMist ok, not too late to send in words, but were going to start picking
still picking, you havent missed anything yet
gloves are off, warpus and I are feuding in private messages
we have words!
it only took us 45 minutes, but we are special
are you ready for your blender assignments?
MrGris yes, were very ready!
CthMist thank you, sock puppet
sometimes you have to BYO pageantry
CthMist ok ok ok. who is doing something in this Blender? A: AN ASTRONAUT
hey, warpus, what is going on in this Blender?
warpus what is he doing? everybodys favourite pasttime: DOING DRUGS
warpus the gender of the astronaut is also up to you, even though i referred
to him as he
CthMist what kind of drugs? narcotics? prescription drugs? smoking
banana peels? its all up to you
and where is this taking place? LIVE ON CABLE TV
the younger artists in our midst will want to go look up CABLE TV
on Wikipedia
its like youtube but the ads are worse
also, not free
warpus cable tv is like tv but theres more cables and lower production
it should also be mentioned that we are one of the only compos
that do not do any drug testing whatsoever, so feel free to become
the astronaut if thats what inspires you
* Smooth has joined blender
Smooth cool topic
warpus it was about time we acknowledged the drug using demographic
t h e w r o n g b l e n d e r . . .
la1yv Aha, so the channel is hosting a sort of competiton? Good luck to all
CthMist makes you wonder what la1yv is here for if they dont know
the Blender
la1yv CthMist is on to something. I joined, believing this was about the
Blender 2D/3D modeling program Now I am just curious what this is
MateoC um this isnt about the 2d/3d modeling program?
Ive been here for months and no activity
la1yv Thanks for making me feel less alone, MateoC :
CthMist OK, tuning back in. Mateo, la1 ... this is a little odd to
explain, but this is the traditional staging ground of the
Blender improvised computer art competition, where strange
combinations of topics are chosen from participant suggestions and
blended together into semicoherent, unified wholes.
details at
The heyday of this exercise was the late 90s, consequently a lot
of the participating artists work in traditional computer art
mediums such as ANSI art
MateoC huh thats neat
la1yv Thank you CthMist ! I am old enough to remember when ASCII-art was
the only form of computer art : Looking forward to see what comes out
of the blender. Oh, and I will refrain for asking questions about
using the program :
MateoC tbf, I can generally help with the program lol
la1yv I am a beginner been using OpenSCAD for a while. Found blender on
Libera which seems to fit expectations better.
I guess when I type /join blender I should be prepared for anything,
including a food processing channel
MateoC indeed :
warpus this is totally about the 2d/3d modelling program but also about all
sorts of other things, at this point you might as well spend the next
2 hours throwing together something in blender about the 3 words you
see in the title
which is a tall order, but im just waking up so words are coming out
of my hands and i cant stop them
ive been using blender for its video editing capabilities, switched
over when my adobe premiere high seas
4 s c o r e a n d s e v e n b l e n d s . . .
warpus 3 subs!
and possibly more
TooCool sweeeet with 4 es
warpus yeahhhhh with 5 hs
CthMist in the end, we rate the submissions, primarily on the basis of how
well did they use all three of our excellent word selections, and
also does it kick ass
a piece that kicks a lot of ass but doesnt use all the words well
may not score highly
a piece that uses all of the words excellently and otherwise sucks
ass may score highly. its part of the blender enigma
the important part is that there is ass involved with both the
winners and the losers
warpus aaaand were done!
its the blend-end
the judging chambers are being booted up
CthMist beep beep bloop
I think we have our results
hopefully there are no further last minute entries!
if there are, please send them in to feature in the artpack! but
we cant judge art that we havent seen and arent sure exists
it would be kind of weird if we could
MrRoboto hahahahahaha it would be rigged!
CthMist well, we have our own judging methods and techniques, that would
just be another one of those
either you trust us or you dont!
MrRoboto hahahahahahaha
CthMist ok ok so...
lets announce what we received!
judging went very quick.
not a ton of entries, but a good ratio of quality work
the top 3 this time was all quality work
warpus immediate judge consensus confirmed
CthMist in third place
quality, quality ascii art work
an oddly representative piece
by an artist calling themselves abstrakt
MrRoboto ***claps***
congratulation abstrakt!!!!
CthMist it is a beautiful piece, stark and minimalist,
full of texture and popping details
that is ... 1 point earned for lazarus
2nd place earns 2 points. who won 2nd place, warpus?
warpus in second place, using an eye catching combination of nostalgia
and purple
is a piece that explored the 3 words in a visually appealing way
i wish i had more to say it but i sort of got high,
CthMist you and the astronaut both, warpus
though judging from how he looks, I hope the astronaut got higher
than you
otherwise you should not be online right now
warpus im staying away from heavy machinery
such as the tandy color computer
CthMist you are in no shape to be playing madness and the minotaur
warpus so lets move on to naming who the artist is and all that
this piece was submitted by TAINTED
representing the crew known as BLOCKTRONICS
tainted places 2nd and receives some amount of points
MrRoboto WOoooHOOOooooo!!!! Thats my teacher!!!!
congratulations dudeee!!!!
CthMist all right, here we are announcing first place
its... no contest. mr roboto runs away with gold again!
when you see it, soon hopefully, you will all agree.
which crew do your three points go to roboto?
MrRoboto 67
CthMist the other podium placing works were Very Good, and this one just
kind of passes them by, running backwards
while juggling
unless youre spending the entire 24 hour compo period drawing, I
simply dont see how you do it
but some wonders are not for mortal minds to understand
I dont need to understand it to celebrate it!
warpus i loved the concept and execution of the winning entry, explored the
subject matter and told it as a story and was visually epic
CthMist epic is the word!
so hats off to our winners abstrakt, tainted and mr roboto
and the other competitors
warpus honourable mentions to toocool and ignoramus, who had respectable
entries of their own, but the podium was just that unanimous and clear
MrRoboto thank you very much guys!!!
CthMist someday I hope that roboto will find a way to weave his blender
winners into a mega tapestry of surrealism
it was a mighty blender and,
oh shit, we should announce the date of the next one
next ones gotta be Apr 23-24, week before is Easter
t l d r
Not a ton of art, but good art deciding on the topics is still taking way too
long, but we are getting good topics, it may just be the case that we cant get
both... rapid infofile processing and pack upload. Not bad! We didnt wind up
doing our impromptu Discord Blender over the holidays, but we still feel were
doing great. Someday!
A hearty congratulations to the winners and a sincere thanks to all of the
participants... and a laughing-my-ass-off at the victims of brand confusion.
Someday we will be sent a Blender project as a Blender entry, but not quite
yet! Blocktronics pulls in a ton of points what took them so long?, zooming
up the rankings to face the final boss, Mistigris. If Skrubly and Haquisaq
dont emerge from retirement, Mists long hegemony of the Blender ladder could
be seriously threatened!
See you all again in April, weekend after Easter!
Until then, cheers and BLEND ON, dudes!
a d i o s
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, april 23rd - sunday, april 24th, 2022
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer
CthMist we now leave this channel for the use of fans of the Blender
software for the next three months, but we will return
to confuse them
la1yv :D