Blender 2021B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2021B infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
t h e e r
the blender keeps on blending
n e w s
* @warpus perks up
@cthmist for gods sake, man, put a shirt on!
I gotta say, despite the incredibly controversial lack of promotion, the new
Blender timetable seems to work really well for just about everyone other than
its host, who this time found himself trapped an hour away from home at a bird
sanctuary, watching sand cranes dash voles against the ground and gobble them
up when he should have been sharing IRC platitudes on the EFNet. Fortunately
Blendy co-pilot Warpus was able to take the yoke and prevent the airplane from
crashing into the mountainside -- judging decisions were actually being made
over Discord while travelling down the highway in the passenger seat, I may be
stupid but Im hardly reckless! but surely the stress took a year or two off
of his life. The sanctuary in question was actually the last place my family
tried to visit when Covid lockdown measures made the pandemic real for us some
15 months or so previously, so it was an interesting moment of pandemic
bookends. No bidet though. Anyway, well probably continue with the Euro-
friendly early start times, I cant be at a bird sanctuary every time! Or CAN
k e e p i n g i t t o p i c a l
@warpus if anyones here, start sending in your words! you know what to do
@cthmist I misread that as shart sending in your words. very different.
please dont do that.
Just for official comprehensiveness, Im Cthulu and my colleague
Warpus is over there. We run the Blender IRC compo. It starts
by taking in word suggestions from artscene weirdos.
@warpus oh yeah, an explanation of wtf is going on, good idea
i think were in an empty auditorium, but might as well
@cthmist for posteritys sake
also for the benefit of idlers who show up later
also just to guide ourselves, saying the steps out loud as we do
them so we dont miss anything
@warpus good point!
@cthmist dont announce a winner yet. would be too early
@warpus oh, the magical blender word selection machine has done its thing!
i see lights flashing on it which means...
that the subject for this iteration of the blender is..
@cthmist for the second word
I am going to do a little interpretive dance
* @cthmist frolics
@cthmist thats right, that SHIBA INU will be in a context of the
if anyone draws a picture of it licking an afro, I hate you but
will probably have to give some bonus points.
@warpus and the interesting location where this is happening is...
g e t t o t h e p o i n t . . .
* warpus changes topic to SHIBA INU / FROLICKING / PARALLEL DIMENSION //
@cthmist OM
ok, so whatd I miss?
@warpus you missed a dance off and sevral fist fights
theres been some controversy about 3rd place decidings. several
judges have been thrown from the top of a steel cage in which the
judging usually occurs. tables lay in ruins but decisions have
been made
coming in third place we have a tie between IGNORAMUS and PINGUINO.
These artists gave us a crisp and easy on the eye interpretation of
the three words
coming in second place is a well crafted homage to a homage by
and in first place..
giving us a mindblowing interdimensional fist bump
a tag team entry by TAINTED and HAYN9
The first place allotment of points went to Blocktronics, 2nd place to
Mistigris is that the first time weve featured a PETSCII screen? and 3rd to
Lazarus. Additionally, bonus points were distributed, as promised, to Warpus
for fulfilling Cthulus extra deliberate misinterpretation of the verb. An
extra point was also tossed Antsy Atheists way for the incredibly nerdy deep
cut, well done.
@spinsane how many entries were there may i ask?
@warpus 10 entries assuming mine counts
@spinsane damn, thats beefy
@warpus a nice turnout yeah!
@spinsane summer time. were all out of school
@warpus its hard to convince people to do stuff
especially girls artists
@spinsane i rolled out of bed and did something in 20 minutes. excuses are
like bathwater - theirs are full of diarrhea
@warpus that is a good quote
should put it on a motivational poster
p o s t g a m e a n a l y s i s
We coulda benefited from a little more and earlier promotion, though turnout
didnt suffer tremendously from it. As you may note, the next Blender dates
are generally tagged to the bottom of these infofiles, way in advance, so if
its important to you to plan around participating, all youve got to do is
plug those dates into your calendar. That said, were introducing a new
measure to encourage would-be Blenderers to be reminded of whats coming up:
@warpus we are also working on a mailing list you can sign up for that will
remind you of blender news and upcoming blender events
our bots might have already harvested the emails of contestants
into our blender spam err mailing list database
our lawyers tell us that opt out functionality is coming
@spinsane mfs is a horrible lawyer, dont trust him
Warpus has gone to the effort of opening up a mailchimp account and starting
a new list there, and yet here I am writing the infofile and I have no info for
you about how to subscribe to it. Maybe well do that creepy thing alluded to
above and just auto-subscribe past Blender participants. Well know more by
this time next Blender, in the fall.
It wasnt at all clear when we started that wed be receiving any entries, so
as a Plan B, Cthulu proposed using this artpack as another forum for b-sides
from the Conspicuously Blenderian WeeklyTeletextChallenge conducted by our
colleagues in the teletext community. A bunch of these subject-blending
screens were featured in the MIST0721 artpack but many more were diverted from
it -- if none of you losers had sent in entries, the extras would have taken
up the slack. But since you losers and, indeed, at least three winners did
in fact send in many entries, we didnt explore that avenue. It did yield an
extraordinary, albeit largely unintelligible teletext entry from justadude.
If you just cant get enough of this stuff, thats a Twitter hashtag you might
get a kick out of following.
This Blender also featured the innovation of an automated countdown clock,
which may become a regular fixture of future Blenders. Thats right: future
Blenders. There are going to be more of them. When will they be taking place?
Read on:
b y e
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, october 16th - sunday, october 17th, 2021
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
did mfs catch that?
please join us. - hennifer
@spinsane cthulu
put down the accordion
pick up the keyboard, lets get this nfo file done, ehhhhhhhhhh?