Battle of North Bay by Mel Farr Suppastar
Battle of North Bay by Mel Farr Suppastar Not Logged In Talk Contributions Crt Account Log In W ArticlTALK Read View Source View History Search Blndrpedia H LNDRPDIA attle of North Bay encycloped The Battle of North Bay took place on July 13 2022, when around 200 Geese allies Battle of NorthBay Main Page of the Wexit movement attacked CFB North Bay. The position was primarly defended Contents by the Royal Canadian Air Force 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. AboutBlndr Donate The Geese, co-led by commanders Sir Quacks-A-Lot and Mr. Honky Horn flew into th Help underground base, using the surrounding farmland for cover and resources. They Learn2Edit smashed the ever living shit out of the underground base. RCAF comdr Bret Hart Community claims to have killed 21 Geese, however they lost 27 soldiers of their own due Changes to the terrifying antics of these geese Upload File CMDR Mr. Honky-Horn Links The Battle was a pyrric victory for the Wexit Movement. Although it dealt a Related serious blow to the Canadian Federation, the Geese themselves quit the movement Date: 7/13/2022 Special afterwords, arguing that they had been assured that CFB North Bay contained Permalink a metric fuckton of Bread but actually it didnt have that much bread at all, Location: Totally Cite This and there were absolutely NO berries. Without the Geese serving as their shock Deep Underground, WikiData troops, the Wexit movement began relying on sludge monsters made of Albertan North Bay, Ontrio Oil, which was a PR Nightmare and a boost to the flagging public opinion of Print/Expt neoliberal dipshit Justin Trudeau, who insisted that Result: WEXITVictory Downld PDF --------------------- it was all in the best interests of the indigenous - CFB Underground Printable CONTENTS community. Base Smashed 1 Background - Geese Leave Wexit Commons 2 Battle ackground Belligerents 3 Operational Issues Wexit MVMT Canadian Languages 4 Aftermath The GFLBB Goose Front for the Liberation of Berries and Canadian Federatn 5 See Also Bread was formed in 1998 when a group of Branta Geese Esperanto 6 References Canadensis Canadian Geese learned of Peter Kropotkins Commanders+Leaders Pig-Latin 7 Further Reading classic tome The Conquest of Bread. The Geese Sir QuacksJustin Dutch 8 External Links misinterpreted at as literally about taking bread from a-Lot Trudeau Klingon people and recognized that this was the sort of task Canadian that they could really stick their beaks into. Mr Honky Jordan Goose Horn Peterson Meanwhile, Peter Downing had a problem, he was constantly being attacked by the GFLBB owing to the fact that he smelled like Berries. Leave me alone, Ruffled Bret Hit heathenous waterfowl he would shout. GIVE US YOUR BERRIES the Grey Goose Feathers ManHart demanded. The Grey CelinDion If its Bread and Berries you want, that loathsome federation stores endless Goose amounts in CFB North bay, Downing lied to them. But thats underground!! Ruffled Feathers complained. Are you Geese or Gander? Downing asked. Goose gender is a construct created by genital obsessed humans Sir Quacks-a-lot explained. Yall sound like a bunch of Ryan Goslings to me Downing responded. This ruffled a lot of feathers besides just the feathers of Ruffled Feathers, Subcommander of the GFLBB Army. i fucked In response an alliance was born. The GEESE would smash CFB North Bay, which would create sufficient nearly loss of faith in the federal govt for Wexit to finally pass, and the Geese would have access to the all of extensive bread and berry stores of the base. your : mothers anadian esponse Although Bret Hit-Man Hart, excellence of execution, best there is, best there was, best there ever will be, greatest intercontinental champion of all time, was still widely considered to be the 39th : greatest Canadian of all time, there were problems with allowing him to command the response. Firstly, Bret had resided in Calgary his entire life, and it was thought : that he might be sympathetic to the Wexit movement. Bret insisted that he would never screw Canada the way Vince McMhaon screwed Bret, but some remained very skeptical. Secondly, it was widely believed despite Brets vehement protest that Bret could not actually put a goose in his vaunted submission manuveur, the Sharpshooter, drastically lowering his effectiveness as a field commander. -----------.Instead, command was passed to Jordan Bernt Peterson, Professor of Psychology at University :of Toronto and famous for numerous instances where he said things. Peterson immediately issued a number of edicts: 1. The base was to be immediately moved Bret did briefly attempt to underground, because the subconscious, make Sir Quaks A Lot submit which is the underground of the human is before Mr. Wiggles, Sir : the base of our vitality and moving the Quacks sneaky manager, base underground will allow us to engage struck Bret with a foreign with our true natures. object behind the refs back 2. All of you have to clean your rooms. NOW! --------------------------- As a result of this edict, CFB North bay
became cleaner than a Fire Dream pack.
3. All personnel, wether content creators or loyal subscribers, were required
to delete their onlyfans accounts, as this was preventing many from cleaning their rooms. Jordan B Peterson, in 4. The Bread and Berries were mostly removed, as Peterson, on the advice of Canadian Formalwear his daughter, switched the base to a meat-centric diet. This was a critical choice forcing the Geese to search endlessly for the absent bread and berries. When the geese invaded, Peterson began lecturing them as to the importance of NATURAL gender relations. While this did cause many of the Geese to adopt more traditional views of gender betwixt Goose and Gander, it did not prevent their actual attack. The Geese were finally rebuffed when Celine Dion emerged from her exceptionally clean room and began shrieking as loudly as possible. While this killed a large amount of the geese immediately, it also had equally negative effects on the air force personnel and the base. By the end of her shrieking the underground base had been smashed to smithereens. She then revealed the truth, Celine Dion was a goose herself. FOOLISH MEN, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG 2 US were her parting words as she took flight
carrying satchels of bread berries to her remaining goose brethren leaving the rubble forever behind.