Blender 2018 infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2018 infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
t h e e r
the blender yet again
warpus can you send some reminders or just a reminder my way closer to
the date? just so i dont feel like a jerk when i forget
cthulu no problem
3 weeks later
cthulu ping! Blender, this Saturday!
warpus nice!
n e w s
Not that I have any problem writing infofiles, spontaneously and of
indeterminate length, but as of last year I think that we established that a
carefully edited, painstakingly recoloured IRC chat log could just about do
the same work, more entertainingly and looking less like a Potemkin village
propped up by a single individual. So here we go with BLNDR2018!
o l d f r i e n d s
It was nice to see the IRC channel already populated before the comps start
time! It was less nice to spend the entire compo without ops @Rai-chan, as
best as we can tell, may well have spent the whole year since BLNDR2017
keeping the seat warm for us... then forgetting to tune in when things actually
started happening! but in truth they are not needed if everyone is where they
are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.
* Now talking on blender
melfarr ah welcome back
CthMist OK, what did I miss?
Tr0ll a lot of crack. mostly smoking crack
swivel im not at trolls level yet, so i was just snorting coke.
CthMist practice!
* burps has joined
theknight hi burps
CthMist welcome back, burps!
CthMist hats off for last years champion!
Tr0ll no pressure
burps hi :
* tempuser tempuser@2a801:4f:2105:b7a3:480b:5bd5:d9c6 has joined
CthMist ah good, another temp user. We only use this channel once a
year, were all temp users.
swivel anyone alive?
melfarr i wish
melfarr i just wish i was alive
CthMist WELCOME EVERYONE to the IRC channel for the year 2018 instalment
of the Blender IRC improvised art compo
CthMist If things head south on the IRC, I will be broadcasting
announcements over social media using the hashtag BlenderComp2018
CthMist Historically this compo only ran a couple of hours, which was
great for North Americans and terrible for Europeans, for whom it
took place in the middle of the night.
CthMist So nowadays I accept art submissions for a 24 hour period
following the compos beginning I accept them even past then,
but theyre no longer eligible for competition, just inclusion in
the final collection.
CthMist If you really want to spend 24 hours working on your Blender
entry, youre nuts, but I cant stop you.
w e p i c k e d w o r d s
BLNDR2018 whales / doing astrophysics / at crater lake
Ive run enough of these now that I think the main bottleneck in getting things
underway is getting a good pool of prospective words together. I devised a
good solution to this problem -- recruiting a longtime Mist poet to feed me
Plan B topics from the gaslights -- which resulted in a new problem... a good
one to have, but a problem nonetheless: choosing between excellent suggestions.
This is where having another celebrity judge or two in the channel would be
handy -- increasingly Im having to pick my wifes brain for such matters, as
the only impartial opinion handily available, and she is not yet well steeped
in the ways of our people, not having picked up Blender and artscene traditions
through osmosis. Or injection. Did I really just say that? Can I retract that?
CthMist Now I have been pumping alls yall for suggestions for subjects
for this competition...
CthMist Most everyone active here has sent them in, if anyone is still
waiting to do so, this is your chance!
CthMist And while I mull over them, I can also field any questions you
may have about how this is going to be run or judged.
CthMist Anyone have any questions?
kniffy is it a yes on submitting an mp3
CthMist Kniffy, MP3s are totally kosher. I dont care what tools you
use, as long as Im able to easily access the end product.
melfarr who is rai chan?
CthMist Mel, I forget, but he was here last year also... its infofile
might shed some light on his identity.
burps and who killed Kennedy?
CthMist Burps, I support the Frank Sinatra theory.
knocturnl can anyone tell me why my 3d renders are so slow?
knocturnl im only using OpenGL and have direct GPU rendering turned on
CthMist Knoc, you need to disable your bitcoin mining screensaver before
you try rendering.
kniffy is the answer to life really 42?
CthMist kniffy, yes, but we dont know in which base counting system
CthMist Any more questions?
melfarr is warpus really showing up
burps hennifer is judging, right?
CthMist warpus, who Ive been in discussion with about this for months,
is our only link to hennifer. So well see 8
CthMist Just got a few more words, hope to have it figured out within 5
minutes. some excellent suggestions
knocturnl if anyone said puppies playing golf in puerto rico, that was mine
CthMist In the meantime mel farr will entertain you all with some
stand-up comedy routines.
melfarr 1/2 the channel is sick of my comedy cthullu
CthMist you can sicken some of the people all of the time, and all of the
people some of the time, but you cant sicken all of the people
all of the time.
burps /ignore melfarr
melfarr like you need a command to do that burps
CthMist OK, this subject is a little abstract
CthMist but I think if you apply yourselves you can some up with something:
thanks to ice cream emperor, troll and swivel respectively for the words
kniffy hmmm
CthMist OK, no immediate revolt, a good sign
knocturnl i know astrophysics and crater lake, but what are whales
CthMist if it was OK to use multiple suggestions from the same person, it
would have been but is not GRANDMOTHERS / DOING PARKOUR / SUBWAY
melfarr thats too bad as that one seems better
CthMist and had the territory not been played in in prior Blenders, we
might well have ended up with THE POPE / STARGAZING / THE MOON
nail67 good idea to throw out alternatives that arent... lets see who
accidentally uses those
CthMist its not unprecedented for people to make protest entries on
unpicked topics.
CthMist so if you really have a hate-on for astrophysics...
CthMist mel farrs game last year actually included a lot of unpicked
suggestions as well as all the picked ones.
swivel but are protest entries still eligible for competition?
CthMist swivel, that really depends on what else gets submitted. If I
get nothing but a protest entry, then it will win 8
nail67 mel is a rebel
CthMist mel is a rebel, straight up.
melfarr thats why i never get +ops
melfarr too rebellious
knocturnl im drawing whales doing parkour on the moon
CthMist hey, when you consider the effect of low moon gravity on whale
mass, parkour might well involve astrophysics.
shoot i n g t h e s h i t
Of course, a big part of the appeal to conducting affairs on the IRC has been
the built in procrastination release valve of just chatting with your
colleagues, and giving 24 hours of competition time leaves ample opportunity
to chew the fat. Keeping in mind the immortal words of Mogel Nobody who is
even remotely sane reads chat logs, here are some choice selections from the
general banter for your amusement:
Tr0ll oi
Tr0ll wow Ive got the colors all jacked in this cliet
Tr0ll client
swivel color jacked clits are the only way
melfarr i had 3 color jacked clits at one point yesterday
CthMist easy there
CthMist down boY!
melfarr im just sharing cthullu
Tr0ll damnit broke the colors some more.
theknight breaking colors is just another phrase for being really newschool
and daring to experiment :-
CthMist Why should iCE be the only one to get their own custom colour
combos named after them?
CthMist Every group could have its own palettes.
CthMist dibs on angry fruit salad high-intensity-only... well call it
theknight MiSThues... i like that
kniffy hrmph, 16colors is down so the example links dont work
CthMist Sorry, I should have updated the website. Most all links should
work much the same at or -- if you just cut
and paste the filenames into google it will probably find them
kniffy i dont remember any time that 16c was working properly
CthMist gosh, thats depressing about 16c
CthMist its like it was a little bit of tinder allowing the artscene to
revive, but only at the cost of itself
Ed. note - in light of this observation, the blender website has since been
updated to be more capable of standing alone regardless of whats going on
with the web galleries on a given day.
Tr0ll not used to this client
CthMist sorry yes, Im just juggling a few windows 8
CthMist using a new client also... hexchat! not the crippleware that
mirc has become!
Tr0ll I only ever used bx on a shell forever, so any gui is odd
CthMist oldschool!
CthMist While youre waiting for me to finish scoring, , you can play Mel
Farrs awesome game from last year in your web browser at
melle the decompiled version
CthMist it is missing the sound effects
CthMist also, much easier to flip back to missed threads once you achieve
one of the games numerous endings
melle i was really proud of the amount of endings
Tr0ll I just saw radman in there so...
melle yes i used a lot of radman references pre 2018
melle i think i may have exhausted radman references
Tr0ll my only reference was him taking off his shirt in a hotel room the
first time I met him, do with that what you will
Tr0ll because I worked on The aRTS for awhile, and at US demoparties over
the years. he was showing off his fresh Catbones backpiece
melle weird
melle i also have a catbones piece
melle i guess there is something that unites us
CthMist catbones, the glue that holds the scene together
CthMist after he gave me birthday wishes on my FB wall I was just asking
him advice about getting tattoos
melle i actually do have a catbones tattoo burps
melle i had to truck all the way to fucking st robert missouri for it
CthMist Im like cat, I dont have any tattoos, but my wife was thinking
we could get matching ink for our 10th anniversary...
CthMist now, Im a very hairy guy...
melle the legendary hairiness of cthulu
CthMist ... is it preferred to just get tattoos on an unhairy part of
your body, or do you just shave the location on a regular basis
for the rest of your life?
burps so after the blender is done.. he suddenly tells us hes very hairy...
burps i feel like i could have incorporated that
CthMist because getting it on a hairless spot could really limit my
CthMist would you believe he never got back to me
melle thats shitty
melle ftr the answer is hairless spot
CthMist great, I can pick the palms of my hands or the soles of my feet
CthMist as long as all the submissions get in promptly we should know who
won by this time tomorrow, probably even sooner..
nail67 thats what they told me in 1998
a n d t h e s c o r e s ?
CthMist In third place: MEL FARR SUPPASTAR, for FUEL! 1 point.
CthMist In second place: BURPS, for FUEL! 2 points. The same idea, but
drawn better, but minus the story.
CthMist And in first place: a GAME by TROLL and two friends!
CthMist I missed whose banner hes competing under, but they just won 3
Ed. note - Cranksy/Troll was on team Hungrycat, with Swivel and Ducky.
Tr0ll Swivel deserves all that credit, he coded it.
swivel BS its nothing without music sound and art
CthMist All of the entries are worthwhile. Pinguinos picture is very
charming, Spinys is very charming.
CthMist The Knights is a protest picture and its AMAZING
CthMist Even the Mistergirls photoshop bit, its a throwaway but its
well executed.
Scoring can be surprisingly tough, especially if youre trying to compensate
for historical wrongs...
CthMist Mel Farrs story is ... not the award winning calibre of his
story years ago.
CthMist And yet his game last year might have been better than the game
this year!
CthMist And yet last year was won by Burps with his picture, while Burps
turned in a similar calibre picture this time for second!
Go figure.
All in all Ive got to conclude that everything I could ask of a Blender was
fulfilled by this one: many participants, many good suggestions, many good
submissions, submissions representing just about every medium visual, musical,
literary and programmed ... all issues we had running it were embarrassment
of riches-type problems, which I cant complain about. Whatever were doing
seems to be working, so lets knock on wood and hope that it keeps working
going forward!
b y e
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
tag team blender!
7:30pm est saturday, april 13th - 7:30pm est sunday, april 14th, 2019
blender on EFnet
please join us. - cthulu
warpus oh shit i completely forgot about it :