Blender 2017 infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2017 infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
t h e e r
the blender yet again
* Now talking in blender
cthulu OK, Im getting close to being up to speed!
cthulu Ive spent all morning hyping this thing up on social media and trying
in vain to stockpile some topic suggestions
cthulu Im sure this will all run quite smoothly
cthulu as long as anyone in this channel is actually awake
cthulu Just putting on some rice for my family dinner, soon to be a pot of
smoking rice fire while I run Blender.
n e w s
It was small but sweet, and you can enjoy the results in BLNDR2017.ZIP !
And indeed, here you all are! Im not going to give you the protracted blow
by blow account since by this point, anyone who cares already knows more or
less how this thing works... but I have told the entire story through
strategic use of IRC logs.
o l d f r i e n d s
melfarr i actually like to catch up. im bummed hennifer and warpus are
either absent or lurking silently under pseudonyms
tK ive actually always liked mel, he was my superhero of fun back in the daytK yah hennif and warpussy, where are they?
@cthulu I dont have any direct hennifer contact, always I did it through
warpus... this year and the last I think he was not able to reach
him. Too bad, I wanted to run a phallic Super Mario level he
designed as part of our April Fools artpack.
@cthulu as for Warpus, I believe he bought tickets to go see a football match
@cthulu HELLO, the date has been on the calendar for nearly a year!
@cthulu so alas, you have to settle for me
It was heartening to see people awaiting in blender before the compo started
though the logistics of getting chanops back from an idler proved complicated
and though you see no trace of them here in this archive, alas, it still
boosted morale to receive visits from the likes of The Knight / Fuel above
and Smooth of TeklordZ fame. Thanks for dropping by, maybe try taking part in
the compo next year!
w e p i c k e d w o r d s
BLNDR2017 cool dads / cooking / the apocalypse
cthulu I believe there are... five of you awake in this channel?
cthulu ... 5 people should be enough sources of subject suggestions for me to
come up with a good compo topic
melfarr so i should submit my topic to you now?
melfarr hold on googling how to send priv messages in mirc
cthulu everyone think of their suggestions!
sudndeath zombies!
sudndeath zombies!
sudndeath zombies!!!@!
sudndeath werewolves!
sudndeath vejayjays :-
sudndeath boobies!
sudndeath zombie apocalypse eating
cthulu oh wait, have these been sudden death making topic suggestions?
cthulu I was parsing them as pseudo-tourettes outbursts
sudndeath haha :-
cthulu Im like, why is he talking about boobies? oh well this is the IRC,
anything goes I guess
sudndeath cthulu you have seen my ansis :-p
cthulu but then why the werewolves?
cthulu werewolf boobies?
cthulu can you even see them through the fur?
sudndeath im sure i could draw 6 of them :-
cthulu do they have two or 8-12 like a dog?
cthulu OK, were on the same page
sudndeath haha
melfarr official discussion of werewolf titties
sudndeath Zombies Zombies Zombies
sudndeath elfs cow fetish drinking
sudndeath im deranged weres my medication!
sudndeath sudden death p0rn star irc :-
lGiOcDe Person: Mouse
lGiOcDe place: school
lGiOcDe Action: painting
tK Crusader gardening volcano.
bs Trump, the moon, couchsurfing
sudndeath zombie animal fetish apocalypse :-
melfarr cool dads combatting street harassment in 1980s downtown
cthulu kniffy, please get some words in to me
kniffy i cant think of anything
cthulu throw a dart at a dictionary, you will
kniffy one moment
melfarr kniffy / throwing darts / library
kniffy opened an old encyclopedia without looking and got henry the viii
opened another and its part of an entry for human ancestor remains in
cthulu thats kind of a place
kniffy cooking is my activity
mn-- buzz aldrin / ricefield / airstrike
cthulu OK, most of the suggestions are in, were just running them through
the supercomputer in the basement...
lGiOcDe beep boop boop beep bop beep beep boop
cthulu I was hoping we would get some suggested specs for the supercomputer
sudndeath i think he meant commodore 64
cthulu well, its a super computer
sudndeath W.O.P.P.E.R
melfarr motorola 68000, 256k ram
sudndeath shall we play a game
melfarr 600 baud modem
melfarr 8mhz
melfarr no hd
cthulu click click whirr grind
sudndeath ok check the tape machine
cthulu OK, I degaussed the screen
cthulu the printout of the words got muddled because the tractor feed on the
side of the paper ripped
cthulu it was being transmitted to me over modem from the mainframe at 300
baud but someone picked up the phone
cthulu the punch cards were inserted into the reader reversed
cthulu but we have a subject:
cthulu from mel farr: COOL DADS
cthulu and an activity:
cthulu from kniffy: COOKING
cthulu and from sudndeath, a situation: THE APOCALYPSE
cthulu now go forth and MAKE THY ART
bs do i dare to ask... but wtf is cool dads? :
tK was wondering the same
melfarr gimme like 60 sec to answer that
melfarr cool dads are: dads who are sincerely trying to be cool but are
not succeeding because they are middle aged dads and havent been
anywhere near anything cool in a long time
melfarr but if you want to interpret it differently i think thats fine
a n d t h e s c o r e s ?
@cthulu hang on, getting beans and changing a diaper. and viewing submissions
@cthulu theres a metaphor there somewhere.
@cthulu Very sorry, everyone! My children did not get the memo about the
Blender timetable.
@cthulu In third place... God Among Lice! Lo, how the mighty have fallen!
@cthulu Mel Farr! You have pulled off the postmodern nostalgia adeptly a
second time!
@cthulu I think that only you fully understood what you meant by cool dads
@cthulu Your submission is masterful and I will be putting more oomph behind
it but I think that when I awarded you 1st two years ago
@cthulu Nail was robbed, and so on this occasion you get second place.
First in my heart, but I dont want it to be about catering to one
@cthulu I present the esteemed 1st place in Blender 2017 to BS!
@cthulu BS, your ANSI art captures the subjects in a direct and handy fashion
@cthulu Thank you everyone! I will put the pack together soon.
* @Rai-chan applauds the winners politely
@cthulu Thanks for all your patience and for playing along!
@cthulu Now, uh, I am burning dinner a second time.
@cthulu based on this years involvement, there WILL be a Blender 2018!
* @cthulu wonders if his pot of rice is burning yet
b y e
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
tag team blender!
7:30pm est saturday, april 14th - 7:30pm est sunday, april 15th, 2018
blender on EFnet
please join us. - cthulu
cthulu OK, back to idling everyone!
cthulu look at them all, scrambling to obey my command!