Not for consideration by Bizzyfunk
Not for consideration by Bizzyfunk
melfarr this is gonna be the first all lit blender bcuz no one can draw
hennifer haha you speak the truth
hennifer thats ok tho, i look forward to reading the other entries
bizzyfunk i wish i was the creative type :
hennifer if you create something then you too can be the creative type
hennifer its a very low bar to entry
melfarr hahaha
bizzyfunk its the year 2039 and there is a lemon party in staples center
when the terminator shows up and the war begins with skynet.
bizzyfunk w00t!
bizzyfunk i win!
bizzyfunk whoever said to smoke weed for 5 minutes... its pretty obvious
that ive been smoking it for 5 hours
melfarr you shouldve taken cthulus advice and smoked crack instead
bizzyfunk :D
bizzyfunk probably