Homer/Japanese schoolgirls/truck by chrom/ezy/keetar/drf
Homer/Japanese schoolgirls/truck by chrom/ezy/keetar/drf
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homer simpson da :l aP
W, ,,a
:: in the plant :: :Sl:l
: l:
homer! wtf is this?! homers boss screamed through l :l
the corridor, homer tried to see what that fella was ::
holding in the air. , ll
why have you got a ticket to okinawa?!, are you going to
quit here or what? well, you dont have to. YOURE FIRED
take this shit and get the hell outta here l
before i kick you out. :
hes always been a man with a hot temper, homer thought, but firing me and
then kicking me out, thats not him. So homer went around the house, to check
what the boss was up to.
oH dAYEM, a big wall appeared in front him as he was walking around the
ah, thats it, homer said when he saw the dumptruck parked right beside him.
He threw out the driver, and started the truck, and rammed the wall.
homer left the dumptruck as it was and ran towards the bosss window.
As he looked in the window, he saw the boss mutating from that old, grunchy
boss that hed always been, to 2 lovely japanese women.
Homer, who got excited about this, jumped right through the window, and
hugged the japanese women and said
come on girls, ive got a ticket for 3 to okinawa, we can take my dumptruck
to the airport, how about that?
the japanese women thought, what the heck, a man with that athletic *couch*
body as homer had, why not follow him to okinawa!
and so .. until next blender ..
tHIS wAS a fR0ST enTRY!3 by:
chrom / ezy / keetar / dr freeze