s o c i e t y 97
It was a dark and stormy night...
Alfredo the german scientist was in his laboratory, making a secret
substance which makes you immune to all diseases and invincible to every
weapon on the face of the earth ...
the planet most of us live on
called the earth ....... also
referred to as the world ....
lies in the solar system ....
Alfredo was planning on using this as a weapon to takeover the world
He had only one problem though... He needed a special herb called the unf
herb which was only available in the top secret n.a.s.a space laboratory.
the unf herb needed for
the secret mixture!
Alfredo then disguised himself as a n.a.s.a. scientist and secretly
snuck into the n.a.s.a. secret laboratory.
the n.a.s.a. scientists
7x! uniform code ...
Alfredo the slowly and quietly searched for the herb in the lab and
to his luck found it! He took it, ran out of the lab, and took off the
n.a.s.a. clothing and put his normal clothes on ... he rushed to his lab
and mixed the ingredients...
Alfredo mixing the secret ingredients
of the formula ...
Alfredo now had to go to the nazi war laboratory to process the liquid
formula so it was drinkable... he started his car and then suddenly saw a
ONE WAY sign ... oh, oh he thought ... the liquid would explode if it was
not processed in 3 mins...
the one way sign that
Alfredo saw on the one
way street
one way street
Alfredo then jumped out of his car and started RUNNING down the one way
street ... he got there in 2 minutes and 28 seconds, and ran to the processor
bzzt.... it turned the liquid a BRIGHT green... it was then ready ...
there it was the mixture@!
KAABOOOOMMM!@@!!@ there was an explosion when he drank it .... he had
miscalculated, and this formula could destroy anything NOT make anything
invincible... the scientist had caused his own doom...
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