blender11 compo by harass & teakay
blender11 compo by harass & teakay
once upon a time
like really long ago
there were 14 communists
tryin to go with da flow
they decided to have a coffee
and some brussels sprouts
in the grandmaster lenins
private coffeehouse
after loads of coffee
they started to get drunk
they danced around on tables
and all of their dicks shrunk
after a while they started singing
singing in the rain
one of them fell off his table
shoutin no pain no gain
so to all you commies out there
just try to keep in mind
youre all good wannabeez
but microsnot leaves you far behind
fuel 030297
rating: dumb
words for this blender were communism - singing - coffeehouse
words from us for this blender are get a life . see ya next week.