the pharcyde! by metallic blood
the pharcyde! by metallic blood
the pharcyde ,, 888-820-0784
blade midwest hq / illness member board
wicked distro / confusion net
pHUCtnet coming soon .. EVERYWHERE!
wacked out 50 liner ansi whipped out in 4 hours by metallic blood of blade 1996!
mass greets: stone the crow, trip, misfit,
exulted, dark shadow, mindcrime, belial,
lucifer, mass murderer, gunthar, 33-kun,
m0gel, slothy, and phree-bee.
group greets: bLADE dEWDZ, ice, samsara,
apathy, dark, fire, illness, rune, s2p,
and ash.
did i leave out acid? bah, who cares.