logostack/issue#one! by subconsciousness
logostack/issue#one! by subconsciousness
s u b c o n s c i o u s n e s s
b l a d e p r o d u c t i o n s
l o g o s t a c k n u m b e r 1
s t a r t !
... intense logos start here bitch! ...
--- n -- u -- c -- l -- e -- a -- r ---
h o l o c a s t !
--nh!--------------------------- -------------- ---
n u c l e a r h o l o c a s t
---- n -- e -- o -- n ----
j e s u s
--- s -- u -- g -- a -- r ------
s a c c h a r i n e !
i just felt the need for those specs of blue! :
--- a -- l -- d -- e -- r -- A -- A -- n ----
a l d e r A A n !
-- i -- n -- f -- i -- n -- i -- t -- i --
z e n d
z e nd
i n f i n i t i
z e n d
if you dont like, then i dont give a fuck... i mean that in a nice way
-- e -- t -- e -- r -- n -- a -- l - -----
d a m n a t i o n
e t e r n a l d a m n a t i o n !
--- v -- i -- r -- t -- u -- a -- l ---
r e a l i t y
v i r t u a l
r e a l i t y
- v -- a -- r -- i -- o -- u -- s ---
h e a d e r s
b b s l i s t sc!
... thats it ya fuckin fruity ass! ...
e o f !
e n d o f f i l e !
g r e e t s a n d n o t e s
well, here it is... the end of another month already. well... wasnt too bad
for me... better than last month, life-wise anyways. but like you give a damn
about me, right? well... ill just get on with it then. as you can see i
released this months work in a colly most of it anyways and i think it
looks halfway descent. i realy dont like doing these stack things, they tend
to look fucked up to me. well then... you ask why did you do it then sc?!?
well, this past month a blade member approached me and told me i was releasing
too man logos what?!? to be putting them out individualy. well, i knew this
already, and tried to think of a way i would be happy. so here it is. my first
attempt at a damn logo colly. i put forth a little effort to make it look
smooth... somewhat original i stress somewhat but i think it turned out ok. i didnt release everything i did this month, but i think i released enough
to entertain you hopefully : some of my work went towards the group this
month bladeview2!, take a look... and the appgen. but im not sure if my
stuff for that got released, well see i guess?!? but for the most part,
it was a productive month. uhhmm... lets see, what else? ahh... requests!
if you have a request ill be more than happy to take em. you can request
an ansi from me on nh!, iz!, agoranet, speednet, or through anyone in blade.
if you want one though, now is the chance, im pretty much confined to the
904 areacode. im hoping that changes soon... but for now, thats the way it
goes. also, im starting to dabble a little in ascii... take requests on
those as well. i didnt release any ascii this month because i only did 2
just started this last week and im hoping to have enough to do a colly
next month, get ready for that ooh! exciting?!? also look out for some
pics by me next month i know, i cant believe it either! because im
getting kinda bored of just doing logos : oh yea, one more thing!
i desperately need ansis logos, pics, small pics for my board sugar!
so ill be more than happy to trade off for one of those! : ok, well...
thats about it for this month... i guess until next month... bye.
damn, this ended up being long, i doubt anyone even reads it?! go figure!
the headers that are marked to the left as readbelow are the headers any
of you fools can use for your board... change the color or whatever, just
leave my name on em. give credit where credit is due. yea yea yea... and
the names marked to the left are the people the logos are for, if its
not your name, dont touch! ok, thats it... on to the greets...
i still dont know many people, but just for the sake of greets
pushead .. thanks for all the help and suggestions youve given me ever since
you got me into the scene
shivan bastard .. thanks for all the work youve given me this month to do,
bv2 is gunna be the shit man!
mindcrime .. i dont know ya well, but you accepted me into blade, thats
enough for me!
the blade team .. man, you guys are all great, i need to get to know you guys
better though so i have more greets, heh...
everyone else .. hack, praxis, ripper, whatever?!?!?!@