perpetual motion logo by apocalypse
perpetual motion logo by apocalypse
greets: lord jazz!, swindler, mindcrime, terror
, ma, sx, gu, ay, fm, dweiz,
and all of the guys in blade and haze
o n
m i
t o
pe r p e t u a l m o t
i o n
1 - 4 1 6 - 2 6 7
- 6 1 3 9
sysops: Swindler.uNCHAINEd Ravage Bias.Dark
affils: unchained, dark, illness, teklordz...
nets:essence, speed, agora, ?.....
other: the board is just roqs, ok? call it...
fontal inspiration - lord jAzzACiD
phont: apocalypsebla
this is swindlers second font, so i tagged it w/ g