TechnoPhreaKs Greetz:
MindCrime, Raistlin, Beastie, DP, GRiFTER, Jabberwocky, QuRan, Jack Daniels, Cable, and all those I must have forgotten... ALSo To: SCaR, Vi, iCE,
ACiD, GoTHiC, TRiBE, and
all my homeez in BLADE!!
Evil Acme Acres
Sysop: Innocent Bl
ood Dementia net DiE
500 megs Oblivion/2 Pr
ophecy MB DeD Co WHQ VG
ANSi MB Rot PA outpost
Exploited Teritory US Hub DragNet
Aaa net WHQ Hyper net
ANSi By TechnoPhreak of BL/DE Productions Incorporated. A
ll the way in 1994!