bloodline the second number two by rabid doctor
bloodline the second number two by rabid doctor
a look at me. i can fly. check me ou
t. you should see meba. !a.
now. clouds are low. the second number two is out. not
la.. a issue number three.. th
e second number two. o !aa. .
a need to reach me for some reason or another? well, y
ouo !..a can email rabid.d all email willd .aa
! be promptly shit upon and returned. you should
be sol .a!a. lucky my f
ecal matter graces your unworthy presencei .
! .a did i spell that right?! anyway, phear
my turds. n .a! .a if yo
u didnt catch out my previous issues, backorderse
a. ..a are still available. of course they
are dummy. theyre a..aa!
on disk not paper. remember. hello. wakeup. email me
a..! and ill send you the copi
es you need. if you are that2 .!aa.
stupid this, again, is the second number two. you know
! !a. the other two. that mea
ns theres one and two before.2 !. !
. who wants to do a logo for bloodline or fileid th
at a.. ! says bld? thatd
rock and in return id show my thanks1 !aa
. ..! by mailing you a hamster. oh yeah, and i
might do you2 !..a an asc
ii in return. 9
.aa. of course all the credit
s goto myself for doing such a6 .a! !
wonderful job at this crap. crap is the right term fo
r .! .! a zine with such high q
uality and standards, right?
bloodline 4 - food.. glorious food
Food is an essential part of living. Without
it youd die, not that I c
are or anything. If you had a sick and twisted mind such as myse
lf you might not want t
o eat. Ill give you the real dirt behind food and take
you straight to the nitty
gritty, hardcore. Maybe some of you stupid
turd burglars will wake up and recogn
ize. So, if youve read any ofmy previous issues of bloodlin
e you know I just like to rant on with rage, sowho am I to br
eak tradition?! Food talk
Frogs legs. Leave the poor frogs alone. Let them be and have th
eir ten minutes o
f fame living it up in Budweiser commercials. What happens in
a fairytale when you kiss the frog and it DOESNT turn into a pr
ince like itssupposed to?! You serve the legs to rich yuppies
to make a quick buck.
Vegetables. I would rather be one
then eat one. They come from dirt.
There are worms in dirt. I just cant get it o
ut of my mind that some
little slug or worm has slithered past the vegetable w
hen it was in the g
round and might have pooped on it. I dont go pooping on thei
r dinner.. oh wait, p
oop might BE their dinner. Some people say tome, whats t
he difference? you wash the vegetable off, right?, well my ans
werto that is, yeah, but if your dog comes along and shits on
your dinner youdont go clean the food off and eat it as you
do with a vegetable. you kick thecrap out of the dog then thro
w the meal in the trash.
Butter. Its yellow. I dont like yellow food. I dont like t
he idea that some
guy down at the butter factory might have been having a bad
day and decides to pee in the butter. Ive always wondered why s
you see darker yellow spots in the butter. Now I know.
Potatos. Hmm.. did I spell that rig
ht, or am I gonna get yelled at like
Quayle did a couple years back for spelling it wrong?! Anyw
ay, why the hell would you w
anna eat a nice hard vegetable like this, when you could
be using it as a weapon in your nifty potat
o cannon. My thoughts on thisroundish vegetable is if you are sh
ooting off a potato cannon you can say youare doing a science
experiment for school to the cop. If youre carrying a gunyou
ll get busted right off the bat.
Long grain and wild rice. Did you ever see this crap?! Ri
ce I know
is white, but then they mix in with it stuff thats suppos
edly wild
rice. Its this big black crap. What I think it is, its another
way for someoneto get smushed bugs past the food inspectors.. j
ust say its wild rice. Hamburgers
. Should be classified/called ratburgers. An epidemic waiting
to happen. This is a good way to keep the
rat and the human population under co
ntrol all in one shot. Processed ratburgers. Shape them into
a patty and throw it on a bun or even
sourdough. Add a little cheese or somepickles, tomato, or lettu
ce and possible a secret sauce and thatll disguisethe taste
of the rat. Two all rat patties, special sauce, lettuce, c
heese,pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. See?! I even rememb
er the song. SometimesId also classify/call these hamboogers ju
st because of the dirty muthafuckaswho work at the fast food
places. Clean your hands immigrant.
Hotdogs. Can someone explain to me exactly what a meat b
y product
is?! Something made by man and put on the market before
it has been
really tested?! The name by product says it all. Something fou
nd laying bythe road. Just one more way we can pass off dead
rodents to the consumer andturn a hefty profit. The same co
mpanies who own exterminating services also ownfast food joints
. First they get payed to come into your house and get rid of
the nasty rodents, then they get paid because theyre re-selling it a
s food.
Fish. I hate fish. Fish stink. Theyre scaly. The only f
ish that I want to see or smell
is my girlfriend and sometimes I dont even want
to see that. Actually, sea robins are pre
tty cool. You catch one and
all they do is make this funky noise. Its like a hea
vy metal concertfor fish. Some company thought up of this idea c
alled fish sticks. Even with allthe breading and seasonings in t
he world I still wont eat it because deep downI still know it
s fish. Pale attempt to market fish. Stupid human. I laugh at
your feeble attempt to make something yucky taste good. Leave the fi
sh in thesea, unless its a hot little mermaid bring her my wa
y. Tartar sau
ce. Why eat something like the dentist just pulled it off
your teeth?! Sounds like you didnt brush enough and they bottle
d it
and renamed it tartar sauce. Sounds like plaque attack in a jar.
Chinese food. Can you say here kitty... kitty?! What else ar
e you
going to do with a million cats roaming the streets everyday with
out a
home or all those cats in shelters?! Eat them of course. Why do t
hey call catfood cat food?! I think Chinese food is real cat
food. After all its made outof cat. Everyone knows it. The sec
rets been out. I dont mind that they use catsin their food. I a
m all for reducing the cat population, but atleast they couldha
ve told us. What if I was allergic to cats?! I think they should
make up arating system, like made with 50 processed calico,
etc, so you know what youreeating. Did you know how it all sta
rted?! Many, many years ago General Tso wascooking up somethin
g in his kitchen, but he was a little retarded. He almostflu
nked out of cooking school until one day he mistakenly cooked cat
instead ofchicken for his assignment. Well, everyone loved it
so much he got an A+ in hiscooking class, and high honors from
the king of China. Thus, begins a lifelongstory passed down fr
om generation to generation. Then the Chinese get anidea
, why not bundle up cat with some rice and sauce and sell it to
the stupidAmerican people?! they buy anything. just look at the
millions of out cheap carsthey bought.
Fortune cookies. What exactly does this mean?! E
verytime I open up
my cookie all I get is this little piece of paper with words on
but no fortune. I am still broke. I dont see how they could stu
ff a fortune insuch a little cookie anyways.
Peanuts. Two words Id rather not eat. Pee and nuts. Case closed.
Spam. Ham in a can. Good for making bombs and throwing at
people. I dont liketo eat ham in the first place and I certain
tly wont eat this crap. Spamburgers.Trying to make Spam look mo
re appetizing. I still say itd taste like puke.
Mayonaisse. Looks to me like some
guy wacked off his load in a jar
and they flavored it a little. I certaintly dont wanna
eat some other guys
mayo.. heck, I dont even wanna eat my own. I would loveto get
paid eight dollars an hour to watch read porno magazines and wack
off ina jar. What do you think a supervisor would say to you,
your productivity level is d
own.. wack faster and Id be like yes sir. Hehe. This is on
e jobthats stress free and enjoyable as is also don
ut making/filling. I dont eventhink Id need a raise, or vacat
ion time.
Well, thats all for this issue of bloodline. look for my next
exciting issuedue out very soon. have a crappy new years.. or
was that supposed to be happy?!
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hatebreed fix your darn computer and stop whining about a virus
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vampira hellos.
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