Death & Race by Coeffey
Death & Race by Coeffey
How does it come that live is wurthless?
Is it because we do NOT apreciate it!?
Is it because we all whant to die?
Maybe because we know god will kill us some day?
Yeah the day has arrived!
As i told you it would come!
I retreved the future!
While it never came!
We all got to die!
Yeah Pump Pump that reason in ya mind!
What reason might that be!
You bether dont ask me!
I could start preaching about the dangers of racisme and fascisme
I could make up a little story about the social causes of the
Brown Ghost.
Or i could try to analyse the braincells of the average crew-cut
Fascistbrain in a few lines.
But whats the use?
Who calls himself a B-boy and voted for Vlaams Blok must shoot a
Bullet tro his head!
Ime just saying here ,who made us God so we could kick those
Migrant kids out?
Live is to short to care about what color your neighbour has!
Like Philip De Winteror what da mothas name is! he hates
People cosa they are black , brown , jellow , red ,...
Whats next?
And maybe he dont care that if you kick them out of here!
They kick us out of their contry!
And if we dont whant to go!
Kablow kablow!