Flatlinerz'rap by Coeffey
Flatlinerz'rap by Coeffey
Just dont think you will get ouda here
Coze The sound that you cummin to hear are from the ground
You had bether took the otha way
Instead of this cemetery
Look its movin
Its in the house of the horrors
We like the forests
Flatlinerz cummin to kill in the
Youde bether have no fear
Undertakers gettin near
You can smell them in the air
Smellin like burnin hear
Lookin to the moon tro the clouds and the fear
Never fear Gravediggaz are here
Coze there is nowear to runna
Nowear to hida
Its an unsolfed mistery why must i die
Coze its a good day to die
Yeah this is scary-us
I can make you delerious
This is SCARY-US !!!!
Flatline rimes on
Yeah be a whitness as i exorsise my exorsisme
The evil that lurks within the sin the carabisme
Aaaah ring it on
That bludy flesh ,two cups of blud,bring it on
Yeah ime Coeffey
The demon with the sound thats me
Boom in the head you get that
Flatline ... Flatline ... Flatline ...
Evil ... Evil ... Evil ...
You where just a victem
Yeah just anotha victem
The name is Coeffey
Ime go get some live ..
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  • title
  • Flatlinerz'rap
  • author
  • Coeffey
  • group
  • BdP
  • date
  • 1994-12-31
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 101
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified

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