Shout-out! by Coeffey
Shout-out! by Coeffey
Yeah if this Pack spreads in outside the country
Wich it problablywill!
BdP is a Belgium ansigoup! Yeah ya read it Good!
BeLgium! And if ya dont know where it lays on
This Motha Globe! Look it up or Stop wasting
my time!
Maybe its not a very big country! Maybe we
arent the richest country !
But whe sure have the Dopest Country!
Whe can drink bear from age 10. Go to the bars
from age 16. But we all go from age 14-15.
And we are the Country of the Friesfrietten.
Ya can say its holland! But not to a a man
from Belgium! People from holland cant eat
fries! And thats every Belgiumman or womans
Now We gonna switch of the track to shout our love!
Coeffey gives a shout-out to : My homeboys
Bernie, U-GoD , Elvis , Dogface ,
And PhotnX for the moral support bro!
ANd then the people i know and helpt me!
BurpsSpecial tnX for the Dope help!
Tempestfor givving your honest oppinion
NostromoFor being diztside
Orme for being WhQ
Probotector,Wild Thing,...
U-GoD gives a shout-out to :My homeboy Coeffey !
Bernie , And everybody out there who reads
this!,and The woman Wild Thing!
Bernie gives a shout-out to : Coeffey , U-GoD, Cliff,
Wild Thing,...