january art pack
we hit u again with our 4:th art pack
vader president, ansi
freezer ansi, vga
artoo ansi
don quijote ansi
zout ansi
beeyach ansi, ascii
darkwing ansi, music
iplord ascii
jive vga
daemon vga
mbl music
snigel music
lazer music
guest members:
judge oodie vga
lord spatter ansi
if u want to get our latest releases then check
our homepage at www.acc.pp.se/bat
name: number: sysop:
diction +46-018-334247 freezer
memento mori +46-018-341487 breeek
spantobi +46-018-127761 doze
prime +46-0304-45620 weirdo
greetings to
all members in axf and gecko
scope, toot, weirdo, rezaad, smurfbyn, ansi
and to all of u i forgot: maybe next time...
vader vader@smurfbyn.pp.se