Bitchin ANSi Design Presents
The September BAD Pack
Well, its another month and another late pack. Maybe we should just say that
our release date is after the first of the month. At any rate, were glad to
finally put this out even though many artists were very slack. The whole
reason for this is that most of the BAD members are in school and have work to
do besides art. There are also certain people who work twenty-four hours a day
wont mention any names, Section 8 and are otherwise uncontactable is that a
word. And there are also people who enjoy falling down stairs we currently
have two members who have broken body parts. Anyway, this next month should
be MUCH less slack and well actually have a lot of kick ass stuff.
Getting of the topic of slackness, it may seem to certain persons, Why do you
have a musician when he never does anything? Well, he actually does music out
the ass and we dont have a good music player for it and cant give it the
credit it deserves.
Id like to mention that we will not be accepting any more distribution sites
until the middle of October since we need to revamp all our sites. More info
on this will be given out at a later date.
We WILL have an ANSi viewer next month --- I promise didnt we say this in
January? . Weve got one almost done now, but its not really presentable
at the time. Look for it.
Wed like to thank everyone who has supporting the group. We have bases on
several nets including Underground Criminal Alliance, UltraTech, and Valiant
Network. We are being reviewed in magazines including Paradigm and Iridium.
A warm thank-you goes out to all the people who contacted us about these groups
and nets.
Join now and get a month of long distance free! That should get SOMEONEs
attention. Were still recruiting just about anybody who has talent and would
like to join. Just fill out the application and send it to the World
HeadQuarters and youll be contacted ASAP. This month, we obtained a new
courier and an old artist. Persecutor has decided to once again to start doing
ANSis and has one in this pack. Welcome.
Thats about it. Hope you enjoy the pack. laTeR...
-Black Knight
-BAD Senior Member
Sir Psycho Sexy Have a nice trip?
Basehead Slacker. You could have done at least ONE MOD.
FusioN Welcome to the EHQ spot.
Jack of Hearts Finally got it done.
Scrappy Uhhh... huh, huh... what?
Red Raider I suppose you still want an X-Wing, eh?
Leto Batman Worms of Arrakis. LD and I have strange heads.
Greetz from S8:
Syntax Error Welcome to TLH. Hope you enjoy our hospitality.
Ricochet Logo? OH, THOSE!
Midnight Sorrow Welcome back. How bigs the bill gonna be this month?
Dark Spyre Valiant is kicking ass.
Red Raider You NEED to call me but only when Im home!