heres a little horror/pop culture trivia for ya: everyone has been zombie
crazy the last few years. its to the point where people are just throwing
mediocre shit together and thinking hmmm, what is this story missing... ah,
zombies i guess... AND MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
but do you know where all the zombie craze originates from? maybe youve seen
this old zombie flick - Night of the Living Dead, by a man by the name of
George A. Romero. its not just an old horror/zombie flick. its the first
of its kind. and where was this piece of horror history filmed? iron city
itself: pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
its a pretty cool thing if youre into cool things. one of the really cool
things is that a lot of people here are hardcore about it. like rabid
Steelers fans, people go nuts over zombie related anythings.
im sure most people have seen whats called a zombie crawl. no, not a
zombie infant crawling around. a massive group of people dressed up as
zombies and walk around zombie-like on the streets of typically bigger cities.
and although they didnt actually start in pittsburgh though some will gladly
sit you down and explain otherwise pittsburgh was the first place to actually
make it in the guiness book of world records for the largest organized
zombie-crawl. some may scoff, and think its a waste of time. but they
dont realize that a lot of times these bigger crawls do it for two reasons:
1. its cool 2. they do it to raise money for local charities and such.
to take a break from the monotonous click clicking of drawing the monochromesor id crack this badboy open and add to it from time to time. the basic methodwe i used on the other drawings mouse only, no arrow keys. line tool only, no
,,,, or s two differences are multiple foreground colors only using
palattes. no s and the poses are made up, not based on actual
figures. i also tried to do each one in a different style. it sort of looks
like i slapped my keyboard around with a rather large trought. but, its
zombies!!! they really whip the llamas ass! two old 90s references for
no reason zombies!
have fun!
oatmeal, water, pieces of cotton and ripped toilet paper can be used to create
zombie skin. for good measure, also try corn startch.
three men and a zombie, three zombies and a baby, weekend at zombies, saving
zombie ryan, reseviour zombies, zombie in wonderland, zombies in black, the
lion zombie, the maltese zombie, the shawshank zombie, fried green zombies,
zombies on a plane, zombiez in da hood, the zombie whisperer, snow white and
the seven zombies, edward zombiehands, a clockwork zombie, zombies in the out-
field, alien v. zombie avz, transformers 2: rise of the zombies, beauty and
the zombie, gone with the zombie, sophies zombie, bram strokers zombie...
add conditioner to dry hair for a greasy hair effect
zombie gettin his hanged on. it always creeps me out in zombie movies when
someone gets infected and basically adopts a ugh, fuck this shit atittute
and kills themself. gross.
... big zombie in little china, indiana jones and the zombie of doom, driving
ms. zombie, the sister of the traveling zombies, no country for old zombies,
12 angry zombies cz, zombie darko, the boondock zombies, jurassic zombie,
grumpy old zombies, lord of the rings: return of the zombie, zombie doubtfire,
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love the zombie, journey to the center of the zombie, zombie kong, the zombie
violin, april fools zombie, zombie gump, the zombie who wasnt there...
under-eye concealer and/or foundation, dark eyeshadow,
your local drugstore can supply you with a lot of diy zombie makeup.
... the house that zombies built, whats eating gilbert grape? zombies, the
zombie without a face, gone in 60 zombies, regarding zombie, the hurt zombie,
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zombie maguire, the zombie wears prada, zombie todd: the demon barber of fleet
street, how to lose a zombie in 10 days, zombies of thunder, 28 zombies later..
baby powder can give a nice ghoul effect when applied to face and neck
scott pilgram vs. the zombie, the day the zombie stood still, eight zombies in
a dufflebag, the karate zombie, zombie: impossible, meet the zombies, my big,
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shower right before you go to bed and when you wake up bed head will be in full
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basic turning into a zombie etiquitte:
1. run from zombies because they are going to bite you
and turn you into a zombie
2. do something dumb that slows you down
3. get bitten by a zombie
4. run from your friends because they are going to kill
you for letting them down by becoming a zombie
5. become zombie
basic characteristics of the initial transformation in becoming a zombie:
1. head tilted to the side, mouth agape
2. depending on zombie type either run around, or
sort of just walk slow, dragging one foot behind.
3. make sounds like this: UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
or this: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE depending on the
nationality of the zombie.
4. bite people
5. get killed, most likely in a hilarious manner.
this is all standard principles in zombie filmmaking. but theres one thing
that always seems lazily looked over. when you see zombies on the prowl
maintaining the etiquitte and the basic characteristics listed above, their
clothing is always dirty, ripped, tattered, and so on.
i undertand the fact that their basic brainwaves and motorskills pretty much
leave them to do one thing only: bite people. they dont have time to
do their laundry, and try to avoid hard to get out stains. but it seem
like five seconds after theyre are bitten and turn into a zombie, their
clothes AUTOMATICALLY become dirty, ripped, tattered, and so on.
/zombie victim/ hmmm. hey, whats that over th- ACK A ZOMBIE JUST BIT ME!
for dirty zombie teeth use black lipstick
... the cable zombie, silence of the zombies, zombie dark thirty, a few
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bronx, 2001: a space zombie, the zombie that rocks the cradle, robozombie...
from spring of 2002 through march of 2013 ive had the good fortune to work with various folks from around the globe. mostly russian and turkish. throw in some uzbekians, romanians, kazakhstanians, and a few syrians, and thats where im at. aside from four and a half years working at SOUL LESS/FACE LESS AMERICAN CORPORATION about six of those years was meeting, working, and getting to know lots of nice folks from other lands. one thing i like to implore thoughts on, is what they, and their friends an families think about america/americans/american way of life. id say about 95 of the time, they sort of give a silent smile and politely respond with ah, america is good. im quite familiar with that smile and response. typically when its someone id only recently met, i assure them that im not one of those whack- job, ignorant, close minded AMERICA, WERE THE FUCKIN SHIT. FUCK EVERYONE ELSE IN THEIR STUPID FORIEGN ASSES! LEARN TO SPEAK AMERICAN OR GET THE FUCK OUT! YEEEEHAW! types of people. on the other side of that coin, i tell them im not one of those kinds of americans that when around people from other countries i try to make nice by talking shit on THIS country. i basically throw out some pros and cons about how i feel towards america to assure them that im only asking them for my own curiosity, and i enjoy hearing what other people from different countries think of the states. good or bad, its all good. obiviously when you ask a lot of people the same question, youll get a lot of different answers. however, through all the inquiries, there are a few things that most people from other countries usually have the same attitude towards america/americans/american way of life: celebrities.and not just celebrities, but celebrity worship. im not saying there arent entertainment fanatics in other countries. im talking about how a lot of people in america will seem to care more about the hottest new thing, than they do anything else. things like religion, family, politics by politics i mean they know who people who run things are, not just in their country, but a lot of countries. things that affect social standards instead of social media and networking. because of that, an unfortunate stereotype casts its generic shadow over all of us in the states. which i cant argue with. back in 2005 while riding in a car with some forigen pals that i had known fora while and was comfortable to make jokes about each others country, i was in the middle of complaining about the whole celebrity worship nonsense and stressing the point that fucking DETEST people like, i all of the sudden said: ?? WHAT THE FUCK?? STOP THE CAR!! STOP!! WOAH!! my international friends were a little alarmed by my sudden outburst. we were downtown and just drove past the renassiance hotel, which is a posh hotel for people with the big bucks to stay while in town for a certain this or that. it also accomodates celebrities with its lavish surroundings. on the day i practically jumped out of a moving vehical, i noticed all these people and what looked like news vans and the like. it finally clicked in my head that romero was there to support his new zombie film venture. acting irationally, i just started to walk across the street and headed for the mob of people and reporters. the next thing i know, two guys with security written all over them come towards me at a fast walk going WOAH WOAH WOAH! BACK UP! i was about fifteen feet away from a horror movie legend and i had it in my head that i HAD to do some- something to have him acknowledge my pressence. the security squad was having no parts of me doing so. so of course, my brain came up with a half-assed plan without me knowing. my brain forced me to go GEORGE!! GEORGE! FUCK YEAH, MAN! and the next thing i know he turns and looks at me from behind very thick glasses and shouts over to me: /george/ YEAH? WHATS UP? and all i did was just stare at him while arguing with my brain to say some- thing. say ANYthing. i had his attention and i was about to get manhandled by security, and me dumb not smart brain couldnt formulate a SINGLE FUCKING SENTENCE. the next thing i know, im being corraled back across the street by the party crasher security guys to where i got back into the car with my pals. they all kinda sat there silent looking at me to say something as to what the fuck just happened. keep in mind, they have no fucking clue who george romero is.eventually someone said uh, are you gonna tell us what the fuck THAT was about? so i went on a long bender of information about him to my forigen pals. of course this was just minutes after i was talking about celebrity worship and how i cant stand was long until someone said that i truly AM one of those assholes because of what happened. i obviously told them they were crazy, and how its the same. they asked me to explain how its not the same. i couldnt really give an answer, when someone cut in with dude, you are just like them but worse! you worship that guy because he makes zombie movies, and go crazy when you see him! this was out of control, so i tried telling them its not the same thing. but they came back at me with: /international pal/ you are worse than most people! you worship a director, and act like people in his movies /me/ what are you talking about? act like what people in his movies?well, after a brief explanation i figured out what they meant: i was acting like a zombie. clever pals, those internation folks are. too bad i called a few people and had them deported. life goes on! well, no, i didnt do that last part...
use stipple sponges/brushs to create an infected look. dip a small brush in
fake blood and flick it at various places on the face for nice blood splatter
... my best friends zombie, the zombie with the dragon tattoo, memoirs of a
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zombie, A.Z. artificial zombie, dances with zombies, zombiestar gallactica,
the zombies advocate, soylent zombie, bill and teds excellent zombie...
looks like
someones gonna have
a rough day at work!
take your fake blood and pour yourself a handfull. then eat the blood very
haphazardly to get a sort of just got done eatin some face look.
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zombie, the thin red zombie, zombies of thunder, the zombies of attraction,
grosse point zombie, being zombie malkovich, the cider house zombies...
im sure ive said some of these twice, and probably spelled a good lot of
them wrong. i asked various friends to read this list, and when they start
they pretty much start laughing and asking what in the hell is wrong with
ka boom!@