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im not going to end this with some deep, or clever, or funny song lyric.
or try to type up some story that i found relevant to what all this is.
creativity will never emd. its the appreiciation of creativity thats left
to us to either embrace, or ignore. we dont truly understand creativity.
at least, not fully. not to the fullest extent of it anyways. its not only
impossible, but its selfish to think so. not everything people create serves
a singular purpose. so it cant have a singluar ending. if the right energy
is put into creating something on a personal level that connects with someone
on a personal level, but in their own personal way, its a job well done.
no ending. no good-byes. this is just another point made in creativity.
and the preservation of the need for imagination and sharing it with others.
if youre reading this, that means you looked through all the artwork in-
volved with it. it doesnt matter to me if you liked it, or thought it was
a complete waste of time. what matters is: you took the time to see something
having an intrest in creativity, and keeping that spirit alive, wether you
know it or not.
the way i look at it, we both can appreciate a job well done on both of our
thanks a bunch.
filth - aka: joshua hillyard // southside - pittsburgh, pa // spring . 2013
it never ends.ans
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