Shiver Piece Number Three by Shattered Link
Shiver Piece Number Three by Shattered Link
d e
l u s i o n s o f g r a n d e u r
6 1 9 . 5 6 6 . 0 7 9
aff... the undead sorcerorshiver/bleach... soul rebel
ice/pwa... as
ylumshiver... defective... gate keeper... sniper.
.. sites... sh
iver memberboard... vor memberboard... skavid distro..
morbid distro... macabre distro... wind
distro... vfc distro... s
tats... seven hundred megz... twenty eight.eight b
i finally said hell with to
aciddraw.. it fuqed up many ansis too many times
well in th
is ansi there are guna be some things called greetz, here they
greetz to all integrity members..u guys are looking
excellent right now..
especially darkforce :..lord jazzbleach..haha i gav
e u like 4 ansis for free
we should make a joint production are sumthing like
heres the ansi i owe you from a year ago. i hope
yer happy..
el diablozillionz.firm..jesus, if you werent using
renegade yer board would
be one of the best in sixonenine..the guardianshive
r senior..dude.. do you
have any spare time with running shiver?..lemonhead
..haha. i made mitch an
ansi..and all acid, ice, union, remorse, b
lade, and shiver members..also t
o everyone who contributes to bleach!
e gotta stick together to make it work
- p-chan acid/u
nion/former studio-x president
.this has been a release of shiver productions