Blade Piece Number Two by Sodium
Blade Piece Number Two by Sodium
well... i do not requests anymore however i can still be reach
ed in six one nineon either
huma, mosquitos bin, or
styx crossing. on the irc
you can find mesOdium usually in acid
. you could always just send me some email or somes
hit to sodium@wee.cabn.cts. when my board, downt
own militarized zone, goes upyou will always be able t
o reach me there. why? because i care. -sodiumblade
ne, my children, an
invisble man. but twisted
and evil and kills with
its hands.
what would you
do if it came
for you..?
but what could you do?
...if it wanted you...
me sir..
yes?..oh my god! noooo!
h!!.. ..
..downtown militarized zo
its coming and its going to be run by none other than tha
n the artist
formally known as shattered link, sodium
himself. me. its also remote
access. thats right. its not an oblivion/2 boa
rd. its that australian
ware, remote access version two. its the downtown mi
litarized zone..
get ready.. because its coming.. coming
to six one nine..
this shit.. err.. ansi is dedicated to the liberation of c
ansi. as many of you know a series of hostil
e takeovers has erupted
in ansi for the past several months led by th
e notorius and down right
retarded maytrickz and his irc
hackers. i want to salute mindcrime and
lucifer for demonstrating a great show of opposistion to m
imperialistic ways and hope that one day maytrickz will fall
and ansi will
once again be free from evil and hostility and bullshit...
by the way.. this is my first ansi in 5 months so i hope you
didnt expect a
masterpiece or any jive like that.. im greeting suicidal
snowman lordjazz,
the emperor, nootropic, betrayer
, mindcrime, shivan bastard,
pinguino, and
bedlam. actually too tell you the truth i dont b
edlam but i recently heard
that radman wouldnt let him dual group so he quit
acid. that kicks ass. show
him whos boss dammit. fix his goddamn ego. next month..
. -sodiumblade